Obama compares the greats of science and religious thought with a guy who makes comic books that lie about Islam

Obama really is a fumbling amateur. Nowhere, in my humble opinion of course, is that more evident than in this short speech where he manages to find yet another opportunity to fawn over Muslims and Islam. (Not counting that thing where NASA says Islamic outreach is the single most important thing to do of course) Here he backbenches people who actually do important work to praise a nobody who does drawings about Islam in order to portray it, the way Barry O sees it anyway, as tolerant.

Well I suppose a lie of that proportion really is deserving of praise.

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  1. 70 $ million dollars worth of taxpayers money to promote Islam cartoons.

    Museldreck from a Muselputz who should’ve never been allowed anywhere near the white house.

    What a f*&#ing disaster!

  2. Innovative – yeah it only took them 80 years to try and emulate the great Jewish American art form that brought us Superman, Batman and the Marvel Universe. Joe Shuster, Jerry Siegel, Bob Kane, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee are truly great originals who will always be admired for the values inherent in their heroes and stories.

  3. Cathy, Stan Lee took Marvel comics way far into the anti-American stream, that is why me and a lot of others stopped reading comics.

  4. As soon as I learned to read I started to read comic books. This was around 1967 or so. I’m from a small country so we didn’t have as much comic books as you do. Today, thanks to so much other stuff like games and such, we have even fewer than back then. My first childhood heroes was actually Superman and Batman, the swedish editions of those magazines that is. It opened up a whole new world to me. Through Superman it opened up for me concepts like time travel, space travel, other dimensions (the Phantom Zone and Mr Mxyzptlk’s 5th dimension) and parallel worlds (Earth-2) but also zany worlds like the Bizarro world. I also read the swedish editions of the Green Lantern, Superboy, JLA, Spiderman and Daredevil. I also loved Mad.

    I was a dedicated comic book reader for over 20 years when a life crisis made me stop. In the early 80’s I started to buy american comic books. It certainly helped me improve my english although it was a slow process at first. But thanks to that period I have some great stuff like Miller’s Dark Knight series, The Watchmen, The Killing Joke but also some of the alternative publishers that popped up at that time like Pacific Comics and Eclipse. I also have a load of the first Marvel Graphic Novels in first print. But my pride and joy is The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck released in 1981 by Celestial Arts in California. It was released in just 5000 copies so that one is quite rare. The paper quality and the coloring is equisite and man y panels has also been restored, in a few cases were they have been lost, Barks made new ones from his memory but kept in pencil alone as to differ them from the lost originals. It also came with a signed litography called The Wanderers of Wonderland. I hold that book in very high regard!
    But to return to Superman. I had the pleasure to meat Mr Siegel and his wife on a Comics Con here in Sweden in 1985, so I have his autograph. 🙂

  5. Richard, Marvel confronted the social issues of the turbulent 60s and 70s in their stories. His characters had human flaws and educated their teen readership about alcoholism and drug addition. He changed the automatic censorship of comics, knowing his readers could use insight to the situations they faced at home and at school. His column ‘Stan’s Soapbox’ addressed issues of prejudice and bigotry. You’ll need to give some evidence to your claim that Stan Lee is somehow anti-American.

  6. He took them anti-American, in the X-men he had the US acting and looking like Nazi Germany, that was not facing the social ills of the time it was telling lies about my nation.

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