Thomas the Tank Engine forced to carry ‘decorated tree’ for ‘winter holidays’ as Christmas is banned on Sodor

How much longer till they start having passion plays on the street mocking the priesthood like the old Soviets did.

Or will they just let the Muslims do it for them by mugging them all over the place, then arresting the priests for causing offense to the Muslims

From The Daily Mail:



Last updated at 11:33 PM on 1st October 2011

Thomas the Tank Engine has been accused of joining the politically correct bandwagon after Christmas was written out of one of his adventures.

The team behind the much-loved children’s TV series has angered campaigners by setting a story during the ‘winter holidays’.

Tis the season to be worried! Thomas and friends like James (pic) set for political script changesTis the season to be worried! Thomas and friends like James (pic) set for political script changes

Even Christmas trees have been axed in an episode of the DVD, Little Engines, Big Days Out, and are instead referred to as decorated trees. Brightly wrapped presents are delivered to a ‘holiday party’.

Critics say the omission was particularly strange because the original Thomas books, hugely popular around the world, were written by a clergyman, the Reverend Wilbert Awdry.

Ann Widdecombe, the former Government Minister and convert to Roman Catholicism, said it was ‘extra ridiculous’ not to mention Christmas in a children’s story as youngsters would be anticipating the special day for months in advance.

‘The shops will be stocking Christmas gifts, the television will be advertising presents and people will be talking about it, so the idea that children won’t hear about it is ludicrous,’ she said.

‘It is another example of the politically correct brigade trying to airbrush Christmas out of our lives because they fear they might upset non-Christians, which is nonsense.’

Thomas (left) motors past a 'decorated tree' as it will now be regarded in future seasonal episodesLights out: Thomas (left) motors past a ‘decorated tree’ as it will now be regarded in future seasonal episodes

In the episode called Keeping Up With James, there are references to ‘winter holidays’ but no mention of the word Christmas. Thomas is carrying a fir tree as narrator Michael Angelis says: ‘Thomas is pulling a special tree. You always see a tree with decorations during the winter holidays.’

In the story, red engine James is anxious to beat the other engines to finish a series of jobs because he wants to win the privilege of distributing children’s presents.

The narrator says the Fat Controller, the rotund manager of the railways system on the fictional island of Sodor, tells the trains that when the lines are clear of snow he will need an engine ‘to take the presents to the holiday party’ – an apparent reference to a Christmas celebration.

He adds: ‘All the engines wanted to take the presents train. It was the jolliest train of the year.’

At one point, James pulls into a station where children are singing carols and decorating a Christmas tree with shiny baubles. The narrator says: ‘James listened to the choir and watched all the colourful decorations being put up.’

Hit Entertainment, the company behind the DVD, said: ‘It was put out some time ago. It was not a seasonal release specifically aimed at a Christmas audience, but we do put out seasonal releases that have Christmas in the title.
‘Last year we had Christmas Express and next year we are planning another Christmas title.’

However, John Midgely, of the Campaign Against Political Correctness, said: ‘This is an attempt to write Christmas out of something that is so popular with families.’

The original Thomas characters were created by Mr Awdry in 1945 while he was a vicar.

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14 Replies to “Thomas the Tank Engine forced to carry ‘decorated tree’ for ‘winter holidays’ as Christmas is banned on Sodor”

  1. Since when would the Muslim world accede to airbrush Ramadan and Eid out of their culture just so Westerners wouldn’t be offended.

    We had better get over our disturbing neurosis, our cowering fear of offending anyone. Dammit, Western culture is something to be celebrated too. Any culture which negates itself is bound for oblivion. Better that fate be reserved for the self-haters.

  2. I’m sorry but on this post I’m gonna have to add my 50 cents. I’m all the way with the jewish cause and I read this website every day! But let’s not forget that a few years ago it was a jewish judge who made a christimas tree be removed from a public building here in Toronto!

  3. Ron:

    …and that guy should be removed from the bench. What is your point? Did this website claim that was OK? I highly doubt it.

  4. I never said they did ! but the truth of the matter is that the judge is still there!
    Long before the muslims were organized the way they were the jews were already coming out with things like that.
    Don’t be hypocrite!!!
    So many truths are also never spoken I defend the right of the jewish people to their homeland but I’m not ignorant of history and reality. The jews are also no saints as portraid time and time again!

  5. Talk about Barbra Streisand’s cousin who had supposedly been converted to christianity and because of that had his israeli immigrant status denied!!!
    He was even briefed by the Mossad on why he was persona non grata in Israel , how about that?
    Is that tolerance?

  6. Actually I agree with you. A lot of the speech and thought crimes laws were brought in to great celebration by some Jewish groups. Bernie Farber I believe, although I could be wrong in the specifics, was one of the chief celebrants and advocates for speech and thought crimes laws.

    However Ezra Levant, another Canadian Jew, has done more to undo that damage than any 50 Jews or not have done to set them up. Lets hope that Ezra is successful in dismantling them all.

    There is something we can all do however.

    Freedom of speech is a use-it-or-lose-it thing in all of history and in all places. This Christmas, I hope that all people in Western nations who believe in free speech very publicly celebrate Christmas whether they be Jewish, Hindu Sikh or whatever. Because the process of silencing will only begin with Christianity not end there.

    We need to use the words, we need to use public space and we need to be joyous in our celebration of Christmas etc.

    Non illiegitimi carborundum est. as they say.

    Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  7. Go to the jewish defense league website and check for yourself the list of things that according to them are destructive to the jewish people!!
    One of them is “mixed” marriages OPS wait a second I thought judaism was a very embracing and pluralistic religion…. did I get that wrong?
    Don’t only talk bad about islam, islam is in itself just a remake of the Talmudic texts!
    Why do I have to believe that the koran and hadith command believers to kill non believers ipsis literis and disregard the same teaching in the Talmud?
    Can you explain that or is it too hard?

  8. And if by any means you’re thinking that I am an anti semite, my response is NO
    I do not hate the jews or want anything bad to happen to them!
    But as the apostle Peter said “Come and le’ts reason together” why only talk about the nastiness of islamic teachings when the talmud is the major source of them?
    As Edith Stein the great philosopher and jewish victim of the holocaust said “christianity is the very continuation of judaism” I do not need Edith’s saying to understand that. I’m just mentioning it because very often now we see the term “judeo christian” thought being used by the engaged jews who are fighting agaisnt the islamization of the world. It is in christianity where you find the real meaning of “love thy neighbour” you can say whatever you want about it but against TEXTS are no arguments!
    I defend the jewish people because as the very same name says Israel is a people who fights with God but still is the people who were called to bring about this new paradigm which is “Love your neighbour as you love yourself” the apostle Paul makes it clear when he says ” Salvation comes from the jewish people”.
    But not clearly from the jews who think that a Messiah will come to them only and that the very universe exists because of them and the as for the goym give them only 7 laws why would souls that have not the Shekhinah need any more?
    It’s time for you guys also stop and think some stuff over!
    Stay well LONG LIVE ISRAEL!
    I believe in the mighty God who revealed Himself to the jewish people first and then to the rest of us. I believe that what He promised to the jewish patriarchs has already been fullfiled!
    ” And I’ll plant Israel in their land NEVER to be uprooted again” AMOS 9;1 5

  9. Richard says: October 2, 2011 at 2:15 pm
    “Yup, the left is digging a very deep hole for all of us, it will take a lot of time and effort to get out of it.”

    Not at all Richard.
    We simply fill the hole with lefties.
    With some to spare to fill potholes.

  10. I am a Presbyterian and my family doctor is Muslim. She is the only one in a very large practice. She insists on a Christmas tree and gifts in the office each year. The practice is in a Catholic hospital in Texas. I wonder if she is a ‘moderate’ Muslim? I’m told there is such a thing. Kinda like a unicorn. She is beautiful.

  11. Ron,
    I suspect different sects of Judaism are stricter and some are more sensitive to criticism or antisemitism . After all they’ve been through it would not be surprising to see some religious or emotional repercussions .

    The question is: Do we allow no public religious celebrations or all? Do we sort it out in court or in churches?

    I think eliminating xmas trees,Santa and little things like stockings is silly,they represent no specific religious text or relic.I doubt Frosty ,3 elves and Rudolph were hanging out at the manger a few thousand years ago.
    So i don’t know how they are offensive.

    But i’m not Jewish or muslim .

    Modifying Reverend Wilbert Awdry stories should not be allowed though.Either use his stories following his writings,religion and ideology or make a new cartoon show.

  12. That is what the expression means, they are digging a hole so deep that it will be their grave, the left is proving to more and more people that they aren’t out for freedom or justice but for the power to push people around legally.

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