Today’s Daily Mail headlines.

I have been sent these links by various people all day (thank you all very much by the way) and some of them I haven’t posted because frankly, I mean what can you do with a story like…

“Muslim mother stabbed daughter 40 times and cut out her liver in ritual killing to exorcise ‘evil spirits” 


Black Widow’ former model who butchered and ate her husband in notorious Thanksgiving murder seeks early release

I think the real story perhaps, is that the front page of today’s Daily Mail contains more stories of Islamic horror, each one of them in fact orders of magnitude greater than what any Westerner would have believed true, and even too horrible for fiction as recently as the 1980s, and now, we all take it as common place. Ah the joys of multiculturalism. It has opened our minds up to so much.
























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3 Replies to “Today’s Daily Mail headlines.”

  1. Well Liz and Shane’s engagement is rather scary,not to mention slow 80 year olds.
    I’m practicing to be a liberal. : )

    Islam is horrific without the sadistic cruelty,greed and hate.With it they make people believe the old religious saying: an eye for an eye. I am fearful we will become as barbaric as they are.

  2. The west will become this brutal only if all western culture is destroyed, we may or may not be in the opening decades of a new Dark Age, one that will be as brutal as fiction has the last one being. In my optimistic periods I think we will avoid it, in the pessimistic periods I think we won’t.

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