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10 Replies to “Melanie Phillips on Islam in Britian”

  1. islam may be our fastest growing fairy story but islam is fighting for a larger share of an ever shrinking cake.
    rationality is replacing hokus-pokus and medieval witchcraft.

    its no surprise that the paracites of the square mile have latched on to another means of shafting the punter though.

  2. i like the though that islam preys on the weak and vulnerable.
    makes for a strong set up does that.

    @When*Pigs*Fly says:
    “What a gal! Too bad the Brits are too stupid to heed her brilliant, common sense advice. It will be their undoing.”

    that may be true of our “elite” but not of the people.
    that is why the EDL and various nationalist parties are growing.
    much to the states disgust.

  3. This is one of the best evaluations of the current situation in the UK.The “enclaves” to which she refers of (which our government turns a blind eye) are the same areas the British Police have shown extreme reluctence to pursue Asian pimping gangs so as not to offend the Gods of “Community cohesion”.The British Government has sold out it`s people too Saudi and it`s cultists. Whoever lives in those areas in the UK is living under unofficial Sharia citizenship which resembles the former parliamentary democracy in appearance only.Phillips is right on the money here. Hope you are going to archive this video VT as the principalities and powers that control what we are “allowed” to see on “youtube” will be busilly working out an excuse to remove it.

  4. @ BIlbo
    Too little, too late? I stand with the brave lads of the EDL but wonder, where all the other British citizens who should be up in arms about what they are allowing the political elite to do to their country. It has already gone too far and may be irreversible. What are they waiting for? Or are they just too lazy or too cowardly? What?

  5. She is good, and she is making a point that is ignored too often, when you destroy the traditional religion you open the door for any belief, this is why Islam is gaining so many recruits in the West. They are also destroying the culture because Christian morality is the foundation on which Western Culture is build.

    She is right, this is a religious war and we need to accept this fact before we can win the war of survival.

    The use of Islamists to advise the government is not limited to Britain, the US is also guilty of this.

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