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7 Replies to “Michael Coren interviews Pamela Geller”

  1. While I agree with everything Pamela says, it is my belief that restrictions on freedom
    of speech was created by the feminist movement and has now spread into every aspect of our lives. Even today militant feminist movements will support almost all minorities
    In their drive to destroy what they see as the white patriarchal society.Oops! I must
    be suffering from all sorts of phobia.

  2. Very well said. She obviously knows what the Islam idiology is all about and what they are trying to do. We need more of that to push back this sharia crap.

  3. The left has worked long and hard to get the current limits on free speech, it started when you couldn’t say any thing against the blacks and then spread. Pamela is right in what she is saying, especially that the US isn’t going to go out quietly, we will be fighting until we win.

  4. We need more Pamela Gellers in this world, speaking the truth despite opposition by the leftists and political correct mob.
    We need to stop the spread of Islam before it completely erodes our way of life.

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