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2 Replies to “Trouble at the Serbia-Kosovar ‘border’”

  1. Pay close attention to what is going on there, this is what happens when the Moslems gain a clear numerical superiority in a European nation. Remember that the Albanians are the invaders in Kosovo, invaders that Europe and Bill Clinton helped steal Kosovo from its rightful owners. This is a picture of what is coming to Western Europe if the Moslem conquest isn’t stopped.

    FYI: During WWII the Serbs initially supported the Yugoslavian King, the Serb guerrilla units fought hard against the Germans while the Moslems enlisted in the SS. Then Tito started attacking the Serb Guerrilla units and telling the Germans where to find them, when the Serbs fought back the allies cut off supplies to the Serbs. In self defense the Serbs allied with the Germans against the Communists under Tito. Because of this the left in Europe and the US think that anything that happens to the Serbs is justified.

    I can remember a time when almost everyone in the west thought the idea of inherited guilt was stupid, now the Western leaders are using inherited guilt as an excuse to let the Moslems take over the Balkans.

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