Dangerous 21/7 terrorist free… and we can’t deport him because of his human rights

Siraj Yassin Abdullah waiting for a bus in London (Pic: SM)Siraj Yassin Abdullah Ali

Standing casually next to ­unsuspecting commuters, this is freed 21/7 terrorist Siraj Yassin Abdullah Ali as he waits to get on a bus.

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The high-risk Al Qaeda fanatic, who helped five would-be bombers in their attempt to kill hundreds on London’s transport network, travelled a few stops before wandering into a Tube station.

Ali has been released after just half his nine-year sentence, but cannot be deported because it would breach his human rights.

The 35-year-old foster brother of 21/7 bomber Yassin Omar is also best friends with ringleader Muktar Said Ibrahim. He knew about the planned carnage and helped the would-be suicide bombers clear up their ­explosives factory.

Yet despite his involvement in the failed plot – two weeks after 52 ­people were murdered in the 7/7 attacks – Ali has been allowed to stay in the ­country and is living in a bail hostel on a residential street.

The Sunday Mirror tracked him down to his North London residence and watched as he strolled around amid the very commuters his pals were plotting to murder.

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3 Replies to “Dangerous 21/7 terrorist free… and we can’t deport him because of his human rights”

  1. The UK better get their act together and dump these so-called hate & “human rights” laws that are tethering this scum to their country. Who cares about his “human rights”? By his actions, he barely qualifies as human and he should have lost ALL of his rights. Deport his ass!

    Why aren’t the British people, at least the ones with a modicum of intelligence, up in arms? Spineless cowards!

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