UPDATE on the arrest of Matthew Stiddard of the EDL

Matt was kind enough to email me the following update and details of what took place yesterday with him. Posted verbatim:

Dear Vlad Tepes

On the morning of the 22nd September 2011 at 8am BST police officers entered my home and immediately seized my laptop and a number of mobile phones belonging to myself and Martin (who is currently staying with me while he sorts himself out) and who is visiting his parents near London. They even tried taking two musical CD’s by a band called Anglo Saxon thinking it was something to do with right-wing extremist propaganda. The police went into my bedroom and headed straight for Martin bag were he has clothing and his passport and documents of who he is and his deportation information. Two police officers spent between 40 and 60 minutes looking at these documents taking information from the documents and on two occasions taking his passport and other documents outside to make phone calls, only one can guess why they did this. They searched every corner of my home including the garden. I was then arrested due to medical grounds which have nothing to do with my chosen path in standing against the worldwide jihad movement. I was then taken to the police station to be formally charged.

On arrival I had to be signed in and give over my details, I was asked if I had any religious beliefs or special food requirements, my reply was…

‘I do not eat any halal food or any halal certified foods’ in return the police officer sad ‘I am being serious’ in which I replied ‘does it look like I am f**king joking….No halal’ was I rude, arrogant or stupid in saying this or was I, a man for standing by my principles.

The police then had 6 hours to go through my laptop gaining access to my video’s, articles, resources and the many anti-jihad blogs and website that I have stored on my laptop. I was then interviewed at 6pm BST firstly about my arrest connected to my medical condition which I believe was a poor excuse to enter my home. They then turned to other matters concerning my involvement in the counter jihad, they seem to know all about my video’s, my youtube channel, the demonstrations I attend around the country, my web activities and the fact that I look through council planning applications for mosques and islamic community centres so I can then pass them on to a lawyer, so he can fight to stop them being built. I replied that I had not been arrested for this so I do not have to answer your questions the whole interview lasted around 9 minutes.

This investigation is still on going, in other words they have nothing on me and want to try and find something. I was released at 9pm to answer bail on the 7th of November were I will find out if I am going to be charged with racial and religious assault and/or exciting racial hatred. I have had threats of violence, been followed and had my Landrover Discovery set on fire by the left-wing nut jobs that plague our country, the police even know the group responsible, yet no arrests or questioning to these people have been made to date.

When I first chose this path I understood that not only would I be fighting the jihad and it’s many forms but the politicians, the police and the appeasers of the left, this is the reality that we find ourselves in, in today’s world. I am the first person to say I would rather not do this but until the powers to be take control of this situation then I will always be standing for human rights and freedoms not for myself but for the men, women and children around the world.

Kind Regard


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  1. ” I have had threats of violence, been followed and had my Landrover Discovery set on fire by the left-wing nut jobs that plague our country, the police even know the group responsible, yet no arrests or questioning to these people have been made to date.”

    Unsurprising when the Prime Minister is a supporter of the terror group doing it to you mate.

    God speed.

  2. My honour and tanks for you Matthew Stiddard, you are doing a great job against islam system. You must think to organize better your grups, when will be necessary with muslims, they have to do it organized and in powersay your people to start depoist pig’s head’s around houses, shops, walk sides and mosques…they will start be nervous….

  3. Actions like this will probably become more common in the near future, the ordinary people are getting to powerful for the entrenched politicians to allow them to continue without fighting back. The politicians don’t want the ordinary people to realize they have the power to vote them out of office and change the direction the country is moving. Unfortunately innocent people are going to end up in prison before this mess is over.

  4. Looks like you have two battle fronts in the UK. One your Police aka Your Duly Elected Government there FOR the People (and not against) and islime Muslims who can do all wrong BUT in the eyes of Politically Correctness Government can obviously do NO Wrong. Action and Reaction is becoming a stale mate. Maybe an over powering reaction is needed to wake up a few elected officials ….. how long has it been since the last English Up Rising. My small voice gives you full support for what its worth, and either way WE will win this battle against the Creeping Muslim in OUR Countries!!!

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