This is how the Norwegian state run media demonizes people it disagrees with.

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten includes the following picture in the article about a new comedy series which debuted last night on Norwegian state TV, NRK. One of the characters chosen for the comedy show (The Social Welfare Office) was a person named ”Fjordlland”, a paraplegic who lost the ability to speak. He’s also typecast as a Nazi and was featured in their the “angry young man special”.


It’s sick. The character is supposed to be the blogger Fjordman, in an attempt to demonize the man through a sick sense of humor. It is part of the process of demonization – the demonization of anyone who has concerns that the authorities do not want to deal with. The idea is to make Fjordman look weak and appear as a convenient punching bag.

It’s also sick and should be an affront to every single person who is a paraplegic and to their relatives. It’s both disgusting and childish on many levels.Nazi humor, funny stuff.

It’s not just for one episode. Apparently, the Nazi Fjordman is a new “recurring character” they have just introduced on their show, a running gag if you will. Also, the Tundra Tabloids has come to find out that NRK is the same channel has tried repeatedly to get an interview with Fjordman. Perhaps he should send them a friendly email asking them to go take a long walk off a very short pier? KGS

AFTENPOSTEN: Norway’s state broadcaster, NRK, is broadcasting the season premier of a comedy show “The welfare office.”   ” that’s set to showcase Nazi humor.

When Social Security (tv comedy show) has the season premiere of NRK2 tonight, the entire broadcast 22 July events as a backdrop, and they call tonight’s episode “angry young man special.”

– The broadcast is really dedicated to the terrorist and aspects of him that is perhaps more universal than we like to believe, says presenter Thomas Seltzer in the social security office to

Like the TT said before on prior occasions, Norway’s cultural elite are at war with reality, logic and reason, holding themselves up to be the epitome of good will, virtue and humanitarianism. In fact they’re a warped statist cadre of sanctimonious despots who believe that they have the exclusive right to determine what the rest of us may know. KGS

(Addendum) Remember this attempt by the Euro-left to demonize all ideological opponents? Clearly they have learned nothing at all.


  1. Unbelievable. Now why should he be a hitlerian Nationalsocialist? Does he preach racial Supremacism? Or right at the opposite, is he trying to debunk supremacist Ideologies? Is he trying to spread Ideologies, or is he trying to expose (historical) facts? [I’m personally fed up with this “you are a Nazi” propaganda, actually meant to avoid any discussion about important/cultural/religious/ideological/racial/ethnical subjects. Hitlerian Nationalsocialism belongs to the past. Gone.]

  2. I am disgusted. One is trying to portray some of opponents as Nazis, but other thing is to ridicule people that are physically disabled. So what someone who is on a wheelchairs is not real man? Poor Norway,

  3. How about, for the sake of actually portraying nazis accurately, show how the main character of the series, unlike Fjordman, actually loves islam and muslims? Hitler admired islam and was allied with the “grand” mufti Amin al-Husseini; so if the protagonist of this show has anything negative at all to say about muslims, we ought to bring this issue of inaccuracy up to help set the record straight.

  4. This reminds me of the way Sarah Palin’s baby was made fun of by the establishment media for being “retarded”.
    Who’re the intolerant ones already?
    It’s funny cause I remember a time not too long ago when it really wasn’t considered proper to openly make fun of handicaps.

  5. Proud_Kafir7908

    ” Hitler admired islam and was allied with the “grand” mufti Amin al-Husseini; so if the protagonist of this show has anything negative at all to say about muslims, we ought to bring this issue of inaccuracy up to help set the record straight.”

    Just wanted to add the Nazi’s had no respect for the handicap to the point they were all going to be eliminated. This video clearly shows a disgust for the handicap

  6. OxAO, look what else has nothing but contempt for the disabled… Especially when we remember that the adherents of this ideology believe that the disabled are the way they are because mahound’s imaginary alter-ego allah decided they were deserving of being handicapped:

    The coward and the cripple are doomed to contempt and death. The respect of his neighbor is in proportion to the fear with which he inspires him. To win the praise of poets and the love of women, he must be a brilliant horseman, skilled in the use of sword and spear.

  7. Just when you thought Norway couldn’t get any worse,with their allowances of their children being raped,antisemitism and persecution of Jews they add the disabled to their hate list.Then to add a nail to the coffin they degrade a patriotic citizen-Fjordman.

    They should stop pretending to be a democracy .It is clear they are a society of hate,self-determined superiority ,violators of human rights and will turn on their own citizens .Get it over with and declare your government an Islamic – Nazis theocracy and expel Jews,cripples and real democrats.

  8. One reason the left wants to stop teaching history is so no one will realize that they are the using the tactics of the Nazi’s and have the same goals of the Nazi’s. For decades they have been labeling their political enemies as Fascists and using the Fascist tactics to try and destroy them.

    thelastfrenchconservative you are talking about the attacks on Sarah’s baby, check out the latest attacks in the new fiction book called a biography.

  9. The left “elites” deserve their new neighbours. The people of Norway don’t. That said, they voted for them. Bloody idiots.

  10. All that Norway is, and all it aspires to be officially, has earned my infinite contempt.
    I would curse them, but seeing that they’re already 9/10th of the way to hell, that would be a waste of my effort.

  11. This comedy series is an insult to the disabled and constatues a hate crime.
    The names of the writer and producers actors need to be publisiesd and exposed for nazis that they are.

  12. You got this all wrong. This is not a comedy show. This is a show run by a former rockstar (Turbonegro) .Who invite prominent and not that prominent “besserwissers” from allover the spectre, for chatting about the “problems”we have in worlds most complex and sucesfull civilization in sometimes humoristic ways. This sketch though, is hilarious and absolutely justified. I will agree on the unfortunate fact that Fjorland is shown as dissabled and that may be understood wrong. But thats not really the point. In my opinion i think it`s just a figuratively way of pointing out that Fjordland is dissabled in the fact that he is one of the societies onfortunated ones…..
    By the way. The only people who have attacked this democratic,open society is couterjihaddist A.B.B. not innocent socialist youth. THATS WHATS SICK! Not this sketch showing their distate of the environment these sick ideologies is allowed to grow within….Sick…

  13. Heine Fjordland has a Twitter account! Heine Fjordland (@heinefjordland) on Twitter:

    Naturally, most posts date from Sept 2011. The last two posts date from Dec 2011, however.

    I don’t speak Norwegian, and I wonder what the account has to say.

    Could a Norwegian reader help?

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