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5 Replies to “Immigrants demand the removal of the cross from the Swiss flag and that the National Anthem be changed”

  1. Once again the “immigrants” prove they are out to make the Europeans assimilate into their culture instead of assimilating into the Europeans culture, no nation or culture needs “immigrants” like those.

    Bardot is right she should be hailed as a heroin rather then being fined.

  2. The Secondos Plus guys are trolls. No one, not even immigrants here take them seriously. They’re just trying to get attention ahead of the national votes. Also thankfully we still have our direct democracy, so we have the last word on everything, including our flag and anthem 🙂

  3. When*Pigs*Fly says:
    September 18, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    And I want all muslims removed from my country. Isn’t my request just as valid as some freeloaders’?

    I think it is a very reasonable request. In fact, I wonder why it has taken so long.

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