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7 Replies to “German Demography”

  1. MUSLIM PARTY enters German elections

    It’s election time in Berlin, but there’s a new party: the pro-Muslim Big party, which advocates for diversity, multiculturalism and Shari’a compliant systems.
    PressTV Thilo Sarrazin recently published a book where he openly discriminated against Muslims, a book which sold a million copies discussing a topic that right-wing parties are now leaping onto in their electoral campaign: if you agree with Sarrazin´s view, then vote for us.


  2. Yes, It’s worse than I thought too. Did you notice how they’ve dispersed themselves across the country? It almost looks like they’ve followed some master plan. It may already be too late for Germany. Let this be a lesson to North America.

  3. The cities is where all this “foreign” occupation occurred. Cities are where the main economic, industrial, educational and travel centres are. Once Muslims ( and they are by and large Muslims), control the main centres of power, they have everything.

    This is the sort of stuff that leads to civil wars. Moreover, Europe has a tendency to enlarge its civil war to a world war. When it has to do with Germany, you can say that in spades.

    Germany is also the most powerful industrial state in the world, not having dismantled its industrial heritage, as was done by the UK and the US.

  4. The Last of the Pork-Gobblers

    Gates of Vienna 19 September 2011

    In certain culturally-enriched urban neighborhoods in Germany, ethnic Germans are not only in the minority, but the younger generation has all but disappeared.

    The most significant thing about the article below — which describes a primary school with almost no German children in it — is the following statement by a Green Party member of the local council:

    “It makes absolutely no difference how many children with immigration background go there [to the school].”

    This is the crux of the matter: to hard-core leftists, the destruction of traditional European culture makes absolutely no difference. They may even consider it desirable.


  5. Yes the left thinks the destruction of the Western Culture is desirable, we are the culture that started the push for individual rights and freedom, we are the culture that use to enshrine both in our laws. As long as our culture is strong the left can’t win.

    As far as I can see just about all nations on earth are headed towards a civil war, and yes they will probably turn into a major world war.

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