Europe will have to accept “more immigrants” says Turkish President

From European Son
“Europe will have to put up with the arrival of more immigrants and accept diversity.” This is the message of Turkish President Abdullah Gul. Speaking to the Yaroslavl Global Policy Forum, Gul also expressed concern at the rise of anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic sentiment in Europe, and suggested that more needed to be done to combat it. Turkey has a long history of institutionalized discrimination of minorities, although… continue reading!

8 Replies to “Europe will have to accept “more immigrants” says Turkish President”

  1. What he really wants is to get rid of the thousands of Anatolian peasants and Gypsies from Turkey. They have flooded northern Cyprus with them already.

  2. Gul, take your arrogant and ignorant lecturing and shove it where the sun don’t shine – preferably with lots of used and sharp staples.

  3. These turks are losers. They are the best the moslems can do in terms of an economy. However, if in Europe it would be the poorest economy in europe. Let us hope it never gets into europe and let us hope islam destroys it. They have taken the islamic road so it is only a matter of time when they start killing infidel tourists and then bye bye tourist industry.

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