Senior Tory MP says conservatism “significantly diluted” by LibDems

From European SonTwenty-six Conservative Party MPs and advisers have contributed to The Future of Conservatism, a new book which challenges many of the positions taken by the Liberal Democrat-Conservative coalition Government under Prime Minister David Cameron. The 1922 Committee, which is on the Right of the Conservative Party, has reportedly been warning the Prime Minister for several months that there is growing discontent at… continue reading!

4 Replies to “Senior Tory MP says conservatism “significantly diluted” by LibDems”

  1. A tougher stance on law and order would help, as would a stronger push against multiculturalism, some politicians are seeing the writing on the wall and trying to prevent the major war. Unfortunately very few have vision enough to see what is happening.

  2. Who are we kidding here? David Cameron wouldn’t be spreading it any less wide for the halal salami he’s been taking up that place where the sun don’t shine even if his government didn’t depend on the LibDems for support. When it comes to surrendering to mahoundianism, the British Tories, the LibDems and Labour work together as though they were a single party.

  3. One’s politics (On what basis should I deal with or interact with others?) is derived from one’s ethics (How should I live my life; what is the good?), which in turn is derived from one’s metaphysics (What is reality?) and one’s epistemology (How do I know it?). If the basis of one’s philosophy – one’s view of reality and one’s means to knowledge – is in grave error, then it follows that one’s ethics and politics must necessarily also be in grave error. So, no, don’t expect too many rational policies from any of the three main political parties.

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