President Obama’s 9/11 address: “we preserved our values, and our character.”

From European Son
 Something of a religious controversy had been brewing in the lead-up to the 911 commemorations. Former Deputy Mayor of New York Rudy Washington and some Christian groups were dismayed that Mayor Bloomberg had decided not to include clergy or prayers in the tenth anniversary ceremony. Christian clergy, they pointed out, had ministered to firefighters and police at Ground Zero in the aftermath of the attacks ten years ago.

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4 Replies to “President Obama’s 9/11 address: “we preserved our values, and our character.””

  1. Over 80% of the US population are Christian, yet the politicians in NYC are willing to insult them on a day of mourning! Vote the SOBs out of office.

  2. If there had been Christian clergy, they would have had a rabbi, and then would have been forced to have an imam. Was the right call, just to keep the imam out. Other speakers quoted from the New Testament. Probably our president had his own agenda, but at least we did not have to look at a muslim on this day.

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