EDL members stabbed:

Still no real solid information. The following are comments from an EDL facebook page on what took place.

The EDL were at the American Embassy today to pay respects to those that lost their lives and lay a wreath. They also were moved away to allow MAC members to come in and to burn the American and UK flags, why are the Police allowing these atrocities to happen, that is one question you should be asking.

Second…ly the EDL dispersed and a small amount of members went to the public house in question and were peacefully drinking when a number of Muslims entered the pub and proceeded to attack the EDL members, stabbing two male members of the EDL.

The Muslims were got out of the Pub and have congregated outside and the EDL are inside the pub, it is the Muslims causing the damage and the Police are standing around doing nothing. Again this shows the two tier Justice system we have in this country, the EDL were peaceful and it is the Muslims that have, yet again, caused the trouble. Where are all these so called moderate Muslims that you hear about but never see?

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  1. The Moslems are pushing and think they have enough political power and protection to start killing their political opponents. More violence will follow this unless the British government arrests the Moslems, and quickly then tries them for attempted murder and gives them a good long sentence.

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