Media blackout on EDL leader’s six day-long hunger strike

From European Son
The BBC reported this week that Shaker Aamer, a “close associate” of Osama bin Laden, and the “remaining British detainee” at Guantanamo Bay prison, is on hunger strike. You might be surprised to learn, then, that the leader of the controversial anti-Islamist movement Tommy Robinson has also been on hunger strike for the past week, in a British prison. The mainstream media regularly reports on events and personalities of the EDL, and journalists and “anti-fascist” organizations also regularly scour its Facebook pages, looking for potential stories. They could hardly have… continue reading!

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  1. Of course they aren’t reporting the hunger strike, Tommy isn’t a member of a left wing group and has the gall to stand up for British history and culture. The Lamestream media won’t report on anything that makes the leftist governments look bad.

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