Far-Right growing; becoming more confrontational: academic

From European Son
Political science lecturer Matthew Goodwin has said a “noticeable tide of anti-immigration sentiment” has emerged in Europe over the last decade. He says that there is now “open skepticism toward” the affect of immigration “on the welfare states of Europe, on public services, culture, values, way of life, but we’ve also seen quite high levels of dissatisfaction over the response of mainstream parties on that issue.”

Speaking to the Economist, professor Goodwin said that  there has been a “nopticeable shift” in the discourse of far-Right parties over the last five to six years toward a more “confrontational” and “provocative” message. Goodwin says that activists believe their countries are “under a profound threat from Islam,” and that they are involved in… continue reading!

4 Replies to “Far-Right growing; becoming more confrontational: academic”

  1. Given that theyre definition of “far right” is anyone whos not openly in favor of letting the entire world turn into an Islamist shit hole, I would say that this is good news!

  2. This is a result of the leftist governments refusing to address the very real concerns of the ordinary people, the left refused to help so the voters are turning to any group that will address the issue.

    Since the left considers the moderates to be conservatives and the conservatives to be radical far left it is not surprising that they are calling the non violent parties far left.

  3. Goodwin says that activists believe their countries are “under a profound threat from Islam,”…

    When one looks at the garbage on the streets, graffiti on the walls, pack-attacks against lone male infidels, harassment of infidel students, the terrorizing of the infidel elderly, gang rapes, violence against first-responders having become the norm in sharia ghettos, no law-enforcement against polygamy, halal food replacing all food in many places, that’s not merely a belief. That’s reality hitting you like a ton of bricks.

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