EDL’s Tommy Robinson Taken To ‘Luton Gulag’


By • on September 5, 2011

We have just received news that following his stand for political freedom in Tower Hamlets on Saturday, Tommy Robinson has been arrested and taken to Bedford Prison. People are already nicknaming the ‘Luton Gulag’ due to Tommy’s status as a political prisoner. Britain’s reputation for political freedom is in tatters as its mask slips to reveal tyranny and oppression. Tyrannical decisions were of course already been made in the run up to the Tower Hamlets demonstration when all marches, EDL and any others, were outlawed by the Home Secretary. Which individual or group will be the next to suffer from Britain’s rising tyranny? It seems clear from the blanket ban on marches in various parts of London that it will not just be the EDL who will suffer at the whim of the power crazed fanatics who now appear to be running the country.

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