As usual, the law of irony is in effect. Self titled, ‘anti-fascists’ gloat over beating a woman with whom they do not agree

I took the liberty of re doing this video with a bit of observation. I did not delete, add or change any of the context of the actual footage, other than the text fore and aft.

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  1. And they were stupid enough to post this on the net! Idiots doesn’t do them justice, comparing them to idiots insults all of the idiots in the world.

  2. They are being hunted by patriots nationwide as I type, they will get a lesson in how a man should treat women by alot of pissed off ppl. NO SURRENDER

  3. A lot of people are very upset that this lady was assaulted.
    Also very upset that these two ‘anti-fascists’ felt it appropriate to gloat, laugh and sneer at this violent assault of a lady.
    Upset, disgusted, sickened and very very angry.
    When did it become acceptable to laugh that a woman is punched in the face by men?
    Have the police arrested the men who assaulted this woman? If not, why not when much of the violence the men perpetrated against her is on video? The police also need to take in ‘Ben and Anthony the laughing anti-fascists’ as witnesses to this violence. They need to give evidence in court. We need dates of the court appearances.—you-will-not-find-it.aspx

    If the lady who was assaulted reads this, please know that most men are not of this disgusting type. Many men are still men. Please know we are thinking of you and hoping you recover soon from your injuries.
    As to a message to the scum who perpetrated this assault and the sneering scum who laughed about it – I will not type what I think here. Maybe one day we will meet man to man.

  4. Pulling info together from other blog posts/comments for future reference. . .
    Anonymous wrote @ UPPompeilink:
    The lady was dragged off the coach and has broken facial bones- not sure if it is her jaw or check bone. Will confirm later.
    The police have the videos and will be hopefully arresting the scum who assaulted this lady soon.
    We are looking into legal action against the police for failure of duty. British women cannot be dragged out of vehicles in broad daylight by gangs of men in front of the police and beaten like this any longer.
    We have a great lawyer who will do whatever is possible.
    If any police want to side with woman-beaters then they will be in a lot of legal trouble.
    more @ casualsunited

    We have spoken to the woman that was assaulted and she was in the downstairs toilet on the coach when Muslims/UAF tore the door open. She was punched in the face and thrown on the floor where she was kicked several times, all by men. When she got up and ran after the bus she was surrounded and further assaulted.

    She says she was hit or kicked by at least 20 different males. She has a fractured cheekbone, bruised ribs and internal bruising.

    The other people on the bus were having the windows caved in on the other side of the bus and were unaware that anyone was off the bus. Once they realised they piled off the bus but it was too late and they have all been arrested although the charges will never stick.

    This is the third time an EDL female has been viciously assaulted by the followers of the “religion of peace”, they love attacking women. Respect to the woman in question as she says she will not stop going demos. Good on you girl thats the British spirit right there.

    The good news is police say the whole incident is on CCTV and they expect to make several arrests shortly. -Jake

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