The liberal hero: fact, fantasy, or propaganda?

From European Son

Four superheroes. Can you spot the two Right-wing extremists?

You might remember the comic book hero as a muscular crime fighter taking down the enemies of the American people, but Superman appears to have undergone some reeducation over the last few years, and he’s, well… different. For my money, I’d guess he’s been studying at a private liberal arts college — perhaps one like Macalester. Embodying the best of rainbow nation Cultural Marxism, it’s a college that flies the flag of the United Nations, and encourages students to think of themselves first and foremost as minorities, by herding them into ethnic and gender “collectives”: “Latin American women of the diaspora collective,” “gender variant collective,” and “queer people of color collective” are just three. The rest are pretty much a variation on the theme. No prizes for guessing that courses on offer also revolve around gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and — I think we can guess — how the West has… continue reading!

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