Gaga’s alter-ego: rebel without a thought

First published by European Son
 Have you heard? Lady Gaga has a male alter-ego. A redneck by the name of “Jo Calderone,” he swears, drinks, and wears a leather jacket (what else?). Perhaps it’s a kind of elaborate acting therapy, but for the female pop sensation her alter-ego is serious business. Gaga even turned up as Calderone at the recent VMA award ceremony.

According to VMA executive producer, Dave Sirulnick, “She showed up as Jo, rehearsed as Jo … if you said ‘Gaga,’ she wouldn’t respond. After rehearsals, she comes over, she says to me, ‘It’s nice to meet you,’ and I say to her, ‘I know your friend Gaga,’ and she says, ‘That Gaga, what a b—-!’ She did not break character once. She walks in backstage and, in front of a whole bunch of people, went into the men’s room.”

“Creepy” is how some in the media are describing Calderone. But, some things about “him” are… continue reading!

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