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3 Replies to “The left, some of them at least, may be starting to get it.”

  1. Bizarre, yet interesting. Looking at their performance, I somehow anticipate that their message is only going to be heard by a very small niche audience. How long before someone cries “off with their heads!”?

  2. Haven’t given interpretive modern dance the slightest glance since the introduction of the ever bizarre, Twila Tharpe and her equally bizarre troop – decades ago.
    This program, however, has my attention. Glad to see this topic addressed in such an unlikely venue. It would be most interesting to see how this particular program is received throughout it’s run. FWIW, though I am not a patron of the arts, but I would pay to see this show — equally anticipating the after-show discussions among the departing audience.

  3. You are right, some of the left are waking up, but they are also being ostracized by the others for their apostasy. Hopefully he will keep up his work and convince a lot of people to come over to the side that is fighting for freedom.

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