UK Channel 4 TV: terrorist comedy to commemorate 9/11

From European Son
Channel 4 will commemorate the 9/11 attacks on the USA by showing a “mix” of programs, including Chris Morris’s comedy movie Four Lions about British Islamist terrorists.

The announcement was made at the Edinburgh Television Festival by  former BBC1 controller and current Channel 4 chief creative officer Jay Hunt.  Ms. Hunt said that, despite a request by Morris, it would not be shown on the day, but that it would be shown close to that time, “ because it speaks to that issue.” Hunt said, ”I think we should absolutely continue to push those… continue reading!

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  1. I have not seen it as I was at 9/11 and could not bring myself to watch it. The descriptions and advertising depict it as a film mocking wannabe terrorists. It may or may not be a funny film but showing it around the time of 9/11 is in poor taste.

    Would Britain air this movie on the annaversary of 7/7?

    I have seen and reccomend highly the hilarious “The Infidel” starring Omid Djalili as a muslim living in Britain who learns he is actually jewish.

  2. Comedy can and has been used as a weapon against the terrorist community before, I don’t know if this movie is going to do any good or not.

    Having said that showing it on the anniversary is in bad taste.

  3. I think comedy is a good way to knock Islam without being killed. So many comedians have done so and as far as I am aware none are in hiding. Comedians scare the jihadist simply because of the comedy. Mr Jihad is comedian. He hates to be laughed at. He is serious. If he gets more serious, more comedy may issue and this demeans Mr Serious even more. Comedians rarely touch race if they are white but with Islam, as it is not a race( and they understand this), they have opened up to a whole new area of comedy. There is even room for “tediously politically correct” comedy about Islam from Stuart Lee in the UK. An unusual slant on Islam that only he can write. But then he can write comedy about insect comedians from an insect’s point of view!

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