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11 Replies to “Muslim Canadian author beaten for his views. Police consider hate crime charges”

  1. It bloody well better be prosecuted as a hate crime. There’d be no compunction to ignore that if it was a non-muslim on muslim attack. If you’re going to have these biased hate crime laws then you’d better be willing to enforce them equally or don’t have them at all and treat all crimes with equal laws regardless of ethnicity etc…

  2. WPF Well known Toronto author and journalist, Tarek Fatah I think it was, not long ago was seriously threatened while in hospital because of what he says about Islam, and by Muslims. The police response, well its up here on Vlad in a couple of places but basically the police sent Muslims who buried the whole issue and broke Canadian law and police procedure to do it. I was always under the impression that apartheid meant different laws for different people. Yet the very people who seem to fight against ‘Apartheid’ all over the place are the ones insisting on it here in the guise of multiculturalism.

    Really read Tarek’s story though. Its important that people understand the modus of these bastards. http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Canada/2011/03/09/17547106.html

  3. Thanks for the link, I wasn’t aware of this.

    It appears the muslim police officer seems to be a good part of the problem but maybe that’s why he’s employed. What do you suggest we do about this bias? We certainly can’t allow this to continue unabated just because some elites are afraid of the consequences of confronting muslims and instead of giving them preferential treatment, treating them like everyone else.

  4. This hate crime stuff is pure crap. Hate is an emotion and how can you have a law against an emotion? The perps physically assaulted the guy. Charge them accordingly for assaulting the guy but the hate part should not be in the equation. If someone hates that is up to them. If they preach it we are free to argue our side in rebuttal. The courts should have NO PART IN THAT DISCUSSION! If you restrict the haters speech you restrict your own at the same time.

  5. “This hate crime stuff is pure crap. Hate is an emotion and how can you have a law against an emotion?” Well said Bob.

  6. will get a copy and read it, if it speaks out against islam and their cccc ed up political philosophy, I’ll order more and carry them around all the shopping centers where the extremists hang out, and sell them in front of them
    Hope they prosecute the abusers, someone tell that kid to file a claim with an injury lawyer because the police will do nothing

  7. Bob hate crimes don’t try to outlaw emotion, they try to outlaw specific kinds of thought, they use to be called thought control crimes and the police that enforced them thought control police. This was back when the left didn’t control our legislatures and want to outlaw any ideas that they didn’t like.

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