Levi’s exploits riots for jeans ad

Scene from Levi's ad: the red flag of communism in the center

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“Your life is your life,” so the voiceover of Levi’s latest ad announces in a husky, somewhat frothy voice. We’re supposed to feel that we’re listening to someone wise; someone who’s lived life and contemplated its mysteries — beyond why some jeans make you look fat and others don’t, that is. Yet, these, the opening words of the company’s latest ad, are only the beginning of what turns out to be one long string of pret-a-porter-Zen inanities.

Against the visually-rich and politically-loaded footage of the ad, the words are like verbal wallpaper, made in the 1980s, and peeling at the edges. But its this juxtaposition that elevates the words from the banal to an almost Orwellian height.

In one scene, from the waist down, we see a group of Levi’s-wearing, immaculate, and slightly skinny men walk into a riot scene — a Leftist riot scene, to be precise. It’s toned down, but the… continue reading.

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  1. Levi’s headquarters is in San Francisco, California one of the most liberal/leftist cities in the US. It is no wonder that they are making commercials supporting leftist rioting and saying it is a way to freedom.

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