Ahmadinejad: Iran is determined to eradicate Israel

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Iranian president says those who are for humanity should also be for eradicating Israel, since the ‘Zionist regime is a symbol of suppression and discrimination.’

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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Iran was determined to eradicate Israel, ISNA news agency reported Thursday.

“Iran believes that whoever is for humanity should also be for eradicating the Zionist regime (Israel) as symbol of suppression and discrimination,” Ahmadinejad said in an interview with a Lebanese television network, carried by ISNA.

Ahmadinejad, Iran - AP - 20.7.11 Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on July 20, 2011.
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“Iran follows this issue (the eradication of Israel) with determination and decisiveness and will never ever withdraw from this standpoint and policy,” the Iranian president added in the interview with the Al-Manar network.

The remarks by Ahmadinejad came one day before the annual anti-Israeli rallies named Qods (Jerusalem) Day, which are held nationwide in Iran on the last Friday of the fasting month of Ramadan.

Ahmadinejad on Monday said that Iranians and Muslim nations worldwide should hold Qods rallies and show their willingness to dispose of this “infectious tumor and this regime full of rascality.”

The Iranian president provoked international condemnation in 2005 when he said that Israel should be eliminated from the map of the Middle East and transferred to Europe or North America.

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  1. With the Moslem Brotherhood making so many gains in North Africa Iran is struggling to hold on to their name as the premier Islamist nation, this quest to remain on top combined with Ahmadinejad’s belief that he was born to bring back the Mahdi means that he will order the attacks he is talking about.

  2. Francis, one better… Anyone out there still think we should not take Iran seriously, take then at their word? In civil society, when someone makes a death threat the police get involved and the perpetrator faces legal action. In world society… it seems that it’s tolerated to call for the genocide of a nation. W.? T.? F.???

  3. Russia at the height of the Cold War could not handle sophisticated programming and chip-making problems, despite its vast pool of skilled engineers and scientists. It is doubtful that the Iranians have the capacity to program a money-transfer system for a retail bank, or the traffic lights in Tehran, or an electricity distribution grid, or other commonplaces of modern life.

    The rancor and disaffection of Iran’s diminishing educated class is so great that the government will find very few local technicians whom it can trust, and even fewer capable of diagnosing a bug buried in thousands of lines of code. Anyone who has managed large-scale information technology projects for corporations knows that the fog of war is nothing compared to the cloud of computation. And that is true under the most benign circumstances.

    Tehran cannot be sure how any of its foreign-purchased weapons systems will perform, much less the nuclear reactor it sourced from Russia. Recently, I remonstrated with a Russian friend about his country’s sale of nuclear technology to Iran. He said, “You know, sometimes Russian technology isn’t so good. There are little problems with quality control, and accidents happen. Remember Chernobyl,” he said, referring to the nuclear disaster on April 26, 1986, at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine (then part of the Soviet Union).

    The only weapons on which Iran can rely are unguided missiles that require no electronic controls and simply shoot in the general direction of a target. At relatively short range and in very large number, these are very effective weapons against Israeli cities, for example.

    People are simply not aware of just stupid the Iranians are.

    Iran has so few skilled programmers that it could be that the security services do not have the capacity to distinguish sabotage from incompetence. That may explain why Tehran blames foreign intelligence services for a recent succession of economic reverses, including the near-collapse of the local markets for gold and foreign exchange.

    Iranians coped with inflation in the 20% range by fiddling. Tehran’s decision to lift fuel subsidies in 2010 September will put poorer households under water, and Iranian authorities have warned of possible riots. A run by foreign-exchange dealers on the Iranian rial reportedly led to street fighting between currency traders and police last week. After refusing to sell dollars to the market, Iranian banks on October 10 flooded the market with foreign currency to break the run in 2010.

    Quoted from What really bugs Iran. Forgot to mention the stuxnet virus humiliation that shut down their reactor.

  4. Even the software that the Iranian authorities use to block Internet access is apparently stolen. Wikipedia reports, “The primary engine of Iran’s censorship is the content-control software SmartFilter, developed by San Jose firm Secure Computing. However, Secure denies ever having sold the software to Iran, and alleges that Iran is illegally using the software without a license.

    It is all someone else’s brainpower paid for by the petrodollars. When the oil run out in about 2030 it is back to the tent homes of the desert as the property prices collapse under the weight of a collapsed oil economy. They can still export some nuts though. Pistachio nuts are nice.

  5. One does not have to destroy an opponent’s military forces to defeat him. Russia collapsed without a single shot fired when Mikhail Gorbachev and his generals understood that they could not compete with Ronald Reagan’s United States. The Islamic world also has been defeated, by a globalized economy in which the US dominates the top, and China blocks entry at the bottom. It will be an economic collapse that will destroys Iran once the oil runs out. They are already showing sign of that now: FromThe ADNKronos website reported on April 25:

    Prostitution is on the rise in Iran … Sociologist Amanollah Gharaii Moghaddam told ADNKronos International (AKI) that he believes Iran’s deteriorating economy and the high unemployment rate among youths to be the main causes of this worrying phenomenon. In Iran, 28% of young people between the ages of 15 and 29 are unemployed … The age of prostitutes is increasingly younger, and girls as young as 12 are selling their bodies on Iran’s streets. Overall, the number of prostitutes is also on the rise and there are an estimated 300,000 of them in Tehran alone … Nevertheless, Gharaii Moghaddam says “the number isn’t so high when compared [with] the 4 million unemployed only in Tehran and the 5 million drug addicts today in Iran”.

  6. That last post was from 2006 and may make people wonder how such a puritancal regime tolerates so much prostitution. The answer is muta. A marriage of convenience for a short period of time. Mohammad ordained it himself and it is halal as it is conducted under an imam.

  7. What is it that persuades women to employ their bodies as an instrument of commerce, rather than as a way of achieving motherhood? It is not just poverty, for poor women bear children everywhere. In the case of Iran, cultural despair impel millions of individual women to eschew motherhood. Prostitution is a form of psychic suicide; writ large, it is a manifestation of the national death-wish, the hideous recognition that the world no longer requires them.Iranians already behave like a defeated people. That is why they are so unstable, and so dangerous. The new Persian Empire masquerading as an Islamic Republic is a wounded beast. The rural misery and urban squalor that drive Iranian women into the brothels of Dubai and Tehran contrasts sharply with neighboring Azerbaijan, whose economy will double in size by 2010 as new oilfields come online, according to the CIA World Factbook.

  8. Apparently, only 2% of Iranians attend mosque. As well, the current birthrate is 1 1/2 children per couple. It seems the country is on the verge of implosion, rather than nuclear explosion.

  9. Inbred Iranian I hate to disagree with you but 1950s technology let the US and Russia build and deploy ICBMs that were capable of hitting within 1 to 5 miles of their target. With nuclear weapons, especially massive ones with casings that are designed to leave large amounts of long term highly radioactive fall out 1 to 5 miles is a dangerously close accuracy. The Iranians are according to the reports I read using early to mid 60s technology that will allow them to be that accurate.

    When some one threatens to murder you or your nation, pay close attention to them. Hitler in his book told the world what he was going to do, the world ignored him. Ahmadinejad is telling the world what he is going to do, and he is working hard to build a nuclear weapon that he can use.

    We have to pay attention to him and take him seriously, anything else can and probably will be a disaster.

  10. Irwin:

    It really is about the will of the people in a position to create and deploy nuclear weapons. It doesn’t matter much about the vast majority of the people there. Iran is not a democracy. It is a totalitarian theocracy.

  11. It is good to always be cautious with a mad mad. Point taken Richard. Irwin is correct in saying their is a demographic crisis, however, there is a good side to this. After the Revolution the population doubled within about thirty years. Problem: the income of the country stayed stagnant as it is a two product ecomomy: Oil and pistachio nuts. So in effect it went from a reasonably high per capital income to one which is quite low. In fact it is about 12,000 dollars per capita at present. Saudi is double that. And the US is triple that. So the demographic downturn will come as relief to planners in terms of not having new mouths to feed and no new income. The regime however, is still not a technically capable entity in many areas not just in the area of hi-tech Jihad. For one they do not know how to run a modern economy. The human capital is degraded due to inbreeding and too fast a demographic increase in recent years with no corresponding new opportunities for the new generation. Living on fantasies of the coming pocket empire of persia and the coming of the Madhi are all fed to the people to keep them passive. With regard to Will I must say Will without intelligence is only half the picture. It can not get the job done. However, we always need to be cautiou. Who knows what twist of fate may mushroom cloud the will of a mad man.

  12. Inbred Iranian you are right about Iran’s government and its inability to run a modern economy, their being tied to the Koran for every action limits how strong they can grow and how successful their plans will be. In a lot of ways if the west can hang on long enough we can’t lose, but hanging on long enough is going to be very difficult.

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