Here is a great clip

Blazing posted a fantastic video clip, apparently a trailer for an upcoming movie on black people who have left Islam. This is something I am anxious to see, as Africans have had more horror put on them by Arab Muslims than any other people except possibly Indian Hindus. In any case click over to BCF and have a look at that clip


I look forward to your opinions.


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  1. This is a needed voice. The only thing is that there is a difference between Islam and the Nation of Islam. (At least there used to be. Don’t know the situations now) And I don’t know how Islam practices taqiyya on the Nation of Islam, but I suspect that they do. And also a much less talked about part is what happened to Malcolm X when he actually went to Muslim countries, how he changed and what he did. Its like the old image of the militant Malcolm is preferred than the “after Mecca” experience.

    You know, there are still Blacks who think slavery within Arab countries was alot “better” than slavery from Europeans. How they can even compare the two is beyond me. How they can say one was “better” almost makes my head want to explode. Slavery is slavery and its all wrong. But many don’t even consider that there is still slavery ongoing in Arab lands.

    *gulp* I feel kinda strange talking about this topic on a *white* blog. lol.

  2. miriam from what I have heard most Moslems don’t think the Nation of Islam is an Islamic group, if they ever take over the Nation of Islam will be one of the first groups attacked.

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