Another ground invasion of Gaza possible



Israel: Continued Violence, Ground Invasion Of Gaza Possible – Ministers

August 21, 2011

Israeli Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch said Aug. 21, while in Ashkelon consulting attack victims, that the violence in the southern part of the country will continue in the next few days and that the public should act accordingly, The Jerusalem Post reported. Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom, while visiting attack victims in Beersheba, said that the government will have to consider a ground invasion into the Gaza Strip, adding that the country cannot continue in a situation where one million Israelis are living under constant rocket fire. “The deterrence from Operation Cast Lead has exhausted itself,” Shalom said.

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5 Replies to “Another ground invasion of Gaza possible”

  1. Force is the only argument the Moslems understand, and since we in the west prevent Israel from destroying their enemies they think that both Israel and the west is afraid of them. What bothers me is the timing of the attacks, they came just as Turkey is warning Syria, and when Iran is busy running their mouths. This could be coincidence but I have to wonder if now is the time when Iran and the other nuts have decided to provoke a big war in the Middle East. Tensions are arising there that seem to be building to a perfect storm of violence.

  2. Force is the only argument the Moslems understand…..

    You are correct sir. In fact, I believe Vlad Tepes knew this to his core. My question is why hasn’t Israel illuminated the world with the writings in the Koran and Hadiths to show all of us just what muslims intend for non-believers, and especially the Jews.

    I’ll bet that barely any Americans know what a “Hadith” is.

  3. One more thing….

    “Dear Israel, give them another dose of artillery and DIME munitions. Make the lesson stick. Send a thousand drones. Prepare your Iron Dome. Give infiltrators a taste of some “Bouncing Betties”, and most of all……DO NOT STOP until Hamas is utterly decimated.”

  4. Bryan you may get your wish, the big reason no one has let Israel loose before is the fear of how the war will spread, think of WWII as a kindergarten fight next to the coming war.

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