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3 Replies to “Some ex-pats from Arab lands beg Canada and the US to wake up and focus”

  1. During the Cold War the people who refused to see the evil in Marxist would say that the defectors were just telling us what we wanted to hear so they could stay here, they never did come up with a good reason for the lying but the firmly believed in it. Now the same people and their kids are going to say that about the women who were in the video.

  2. Of course, in both cases one has to wonder then, why they would be willing to lie and uproot your whole life, abandon your own culture, people, family and everything that is familiar to you if there wasn’t something truly horrible at the other end. If they are lying, it may be because the truth is worse and less believable. After the video clip of the German nun in Iraq, speaking about forced marriage, rape and torture of Christian girls, I would say that is in fact the case. These women understate their own plights.

  3. I agree, my point was that just as there were people who were willing to close their eyes about the evils of Marxist (they still have them closed) there are people (usually the same ones) who are willing to close their eyes to the evils of Islam. I really wish I knew when and how this mess is going to end but I am afraid that both of us will be long dead before the end of this mess.

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