“Cut the tongue of this lowly Jew”: Muslim offended by joke threatens David Letterman

It should be interesting to see how Letterman makes this into Sarah Palin or one of her handicapped relatives fault.

Muslim militant threatens Letterman.




LOS ANGELES – A Muslim militant has urged American followers to assassinate U.S. talk show host David Letterman, saying his tongue deserved to be cut out, a U.S. intelligence monitoring group said Wednesday.

The SITE intelligence group said the death threat was posted on an online website used by militants after the writer became upset by a joke Letterman made about the death of a leading member of al-Qaida killed in an air strike in Pakistan.

The militant called on Muslims in the United States to “cut the tongue of this lowly Jew and shut it forever,” the threat against Letterman said, according to a translation by SITE. The popular late-night television host is not Jewish.

The FBI said it was taking the threat seriously.

The writer was angered by watching Letterman on his show drawing his finger across his neck while talking about the June death of senior al-Qaida figure Ilyas Kashmiri.

The message was posted on the website Shumukh al-Islam. SITE analyst Adam Raisman told Entertainment Weekly the website was “a clearing house for al-Qaida material” and drew supporters of the group headed by the late Osama bin Laden.

Executives at broadcaster CBS and a spokesman for Letterman declined Wednesday to comment on the threat.

Tim Flannelly, an FBI spokesman in New York, said the agency was looking into the matter.

“The FBI takes all threats seriously and we will run it down like we do all threats,” Flannelly said.

A Muslim group in 2010 threatened the makers of “South Park” after the animated satirical show depicted the Prophet Mohammad in a bear suit. Most Muslims consider any depiction of the founder of Islam as offensive.

A 21-year old man from Virginia was sentenced in February to 25 years in prison for publishing the home addresses of the “South Park” creators and urging readers to pay them a visit, as well as trying to help a Somali militant group.

5 Replies to ““Cut the tongue of this lowly Jew”: Muslim offended by joke threatens David Letterman”

  1. I am not sure of this is a good thing or bad thing.

    Of course it is bad to be threated but Islam has been avoiding threatening their allies the media personal. Islam’s media campaign has been working very well for them.

  2. Letterman did not choose for this to happen but he’d better not wus out anyway. People who make these threats do so for a subversive purpose- to make the things we like have negative connotations to us – thus damaging our culture. It is classic subversive strategy.

    The responce they want is anger, resentment and frustration AND more tension between muslims and americans for which americans can then be accused of being islamophobic – causing people to be afraid to speak out about what is right before their eyes – thus causing ambivalence and anxiety and an inability to react to the enemies aggression.

    The best responce, aside from buttering the dirt with their brains, is to react with mocking derision. Laughter will crush the process that leads to paralysis in the face of the enemy and turn the respect they so pathetically crave into contempt.

    Sounds stupid? British comedians have been doing just this. In a British panel show a joke was complained about by guess who. As I predicted British comedians did not take kindly to being told to shut up. Since then there has been one similar joke on the subject in just about every humorous topical panel show. The other panelists laugh or smirk and the audience goes nuts with overly enthusiastic laughter. They laugh so much because they know the subtext. They know the comedians are really saying “bite me” to those who want to inhibit their rights to express themselves.

    The shows are pre recorded which means the producers CHOOSE NOT to edit out those jokes which they could very easily do.

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