Britain’s riots and the entitlement culture from top to bottom

First published by Hudson New York and European Son

Anarchists smashing up the RItz and shops in central London. “student” mobs attacking the Conservative Party HQ. And “anti-globalist,” anti-capitalist, and pro-Hamas demonstrations in London. We’ve seen it all over the last few years.

Britain’s recent history is stuffed full of Leftwing violence masquerading as serious politics. No wonder, then, that the BBC and respectable, high-profile individuals on the Left, were convinced that last weeks rioting and widespread violence against police and passersby, muggings and looting were a messgage about “social justice” and Government cuts.

As more and more graphic details filled the news, and with this position apparently indefensible, the “protesters” were recast by the tax-payer funded BBC as the “poor,” merely seeking a crust of bread and a hand up. Next, as viewers began calling in to point out that these “poor” people were communicating via their Blackberries, and looting designer stores, the narrative shifted to worrying about “football fans” who had come out to… continue reading.

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  1. My first reaction is to say that in America we protest to stop government spending rather then to increase it, but I know the left is working hard to start riots in the US. The left has spread the Entitlement culture around the world, they did this to undermine and destroy the national cultures of the west so the Marxists could take over. I don’t think the Marxists will be the ones to take over but in most countries the ordinary people are in for a very rough time as they turn out to be the losers in this struggle. Freedom and civilization is at stake in this struggle, and we face strong committed foes with way too many people refusing to understand the danger and who will help the wanna be dictators in the name of peace.

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