Allen West says NUTS to CAIR

Man I love that guy. He was quoting a great moment in US military history as well. Of course the TV station seemed to know that but neglected to factor it in when they interviewed people about the letter West sent to CAIR. I guess that means that this particular TV station wanted to make all those people look like idiots as they knew West was quoting General Anthony Clement “Nuts” McAuliffe, but didn’t bother to explain that to the people they showed the letter too.

I guess that shows how much contempt the mainstream, mostly leftist media have for the public to set them up like that just to make a conservative look foolish.

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  1. The lefty media looks pretty damned ignorant. If “nobody seems to know what it means”, it’s a sad commentary on the sophistication of the American public. Hell, I’m not even American and I know exactly what he means and the famous historical origin of the comment.

    Seems that they do explain the origin but it still gets glazed looks. Anyone who can’t get the meaning of this very short word is sleepwalking.

    Americans still have “democracy” but with such an uneducated and misguided public I’m not sure that they can handle it. Scary.

  2. Man, people are so goddamn ignorant now. Its pretty clear what West meant. He has no intentions of entertaining any more of CAIRs nonsense or bowing down to them. CAIR doesnt stand up for the rights of muslims. Theyre nothing more than an Islamist government lobby and pressure group.

  3. The left has stopped the schools teaching history so they can convince people to follow policies that have failed in the past, now we are seeing the effects of their policies.

  4. That is because the new left doesn’t look at these historical consequences as failures but as successes. Bringing down the system, destroying civilization and capitalism is what they want and what they are getting. So yeah, they stopped teaching the history of it in order to ensure that people who would, if given any actual data, oppose these policies in fact support them.

    I have had numerous conversations with Canadians where I ask them their opinions on multiple policy issues and in nearly 100% of the answers, they are in lock step with Stephen Harper, while simultaneously explaining how much they hate him (as he is ‘conservative’) and voicing support for leftist candidates who’s actual policies are near 180 degrees away from their own.

    This is how good a job the new, far-left at universities has done brainwashing ordinary to bright people to act against their own interests and the interests of their own culture, people and history.

  5. @Eeyore

    I know any number of well-educated, intelligent, moral people who fit your description to a “T”. They just hate Steven Harper while at the same time being in agreement with most of what he is actually doing. Once they’ve stuck that “Born-again-Christian-right-wing” label on someone, there’s just this automatic ‘shoot to kill’ order that goes with that. Once again, the people who make the biggest fuss about equality for all prove to be the greatest bigots.

  6. Isn’t that interesting comments. But wait. Those comments were said in a free democratic country. We still have free speech. You may not like Stephen Harper but the policies he is trying to impliment are good for the country, not just a few special interest groups. Try that in any other country and see what happens . . .
    As for CAIR, they are proof that any idiots can still have the freedom to speak and say what they want. “They stand for the rights of Muslims”. Ya, right! and I’m Napoleon.

  7. You guys are right about what is happening, what you didn’t mention is the arrogance of the leftist who think that they are the special people who will be able to make Socialism work. This arrogance is going to cost all nations a lot of blood and treasure over the next few decades as the follies of the left finally bring about their logical conclusion. Violence and confusion all around the world, they think they will be up taking charge after the fighting. Personally I don’t think they stand a chance.

  8. “Violence and confusion all around the world, they (the leftest in general) think they will be up taking charge after the fighting.”

    Charles Manson wanted to create a war between blacks and whites and he expected the blacks to win. After the violence and contusion he believed the blacks will come to him to lead them.

    Do you see a parallel between a mad man and the left?

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