Debate on rights of women in Islam. Robert Spencer Vs. Imam Moustafa Zayed

Found this gem on Blazing Cat Fur:

The imam is interesting. He follows disclaimers with fallacies. I’m not sure how it is even an argument that women have equal rights. In any case, this should be watched by all who are uncertain about the rights of women in Islam. Claims that modern Islam is better than pre-British colonization Hinduism practice of suttee is a stunningly bad argument for the case that Islam has better women’s rights than the west today, and that’s just the first few minutes. Hell for Spencer this should be like shooting manatees in a bathtub.

On second thought, had Spencer, after waiting and listening to the Imam’s opening remarks, turned to the camera and said:

“I rest my case. Let’s go for a beer.” I think he would have won as handily. Would have saved us listening to the unending sophistry of the Muslim apologist as well.

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  1. No wonder we have problems. This imam repeatedly justifies the beating of women. In his sick mind, men as the ‘protectors’ of women, determine what constitutes a crime and abhorrent behaviour and as ‘providers’ they define and mete out the punishment. ‘In charge of’ is in control of.

  2. I have never heard of Spencer losing a debate with a Moslem, one of the things he does best is let them make fools of themselves.

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