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5 Replies to “What has Britain become?”

  1. I am now an old bird. When I was a child in the 40’s and 50’s my father went to work in GB. The country was not kind to the Irish at that time. However most of the Irish lads were paid early on Fridays so that they could get the last mail to Ireland and on Saturday morning when the postman arrived, lo and behold there was the money order we depended on. I love my heritage and history and culture, but the Brits also have to love thier culture, history and heritage. The time has come for all of us Native Europeans to get down to business, which means we stand together no matter our heritage, culture or history. We must be one and when we have defeated the SCUM we can get on with our national Cultue, history and heritage. It’s time tp make the parasites pay with severe consequences’ which means end welfare and public housing for unemployed people who have never worked for generations. Immigrants get nothing unless you have contributed al least 10 years of taxes and are legal. If you do not speak the native language and get convicted of a crime supply your own translater. Voting should only be in the language of the country. If you do not understand do not vote. Natives who want to act like savages should be treated as such as should be the Elites who do not live with the consequences of their bleeding heart decisions.

  2. Britain has become multiculti. Isn’t that enough to understand? Breivik was right: what more evidence do the sheeple need?

  3. If enough people hear and understand the man Britain has found its version of the TEA Party, with luck the political fights there will herald a return of freedom the Britain just as the political fights in the US will herald a return of freedom to the US.

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