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6 Replies to “Eltham hasn’t been touched by riots … we’re doing the job of the police’ – video”

  1. There’s evidence that the Muslims are behind the UK riots:
    From http://news.nationalpost.com/2011/08/10/would-be-terrorists-looking-to-capitalize-on-u-k-riots/

    “Islamist extremists are trying to capitalize on the riots engulfing Britain, calling on their followers to help incite further violence so that a terror attack can be launched amid the chaos.

    Via “jihadist” websites, the extremists say English-fluent Muslims should infiltrate social media with messages that encourage the rioters so that the police remain “preoccupied” by the disturbances, according to the Washington-based monitoring group SITE.

    The extremists are characterizing the violence as “useful” for London-based terror cells, saying the rioters are young and impressionable, and can be easily manipulated if the messages appear to be the sort of things they would write.

    The extremists reason that by extending the violence, the police will drop their guard against jihadist terror planning.

    The increased chaos could also force the British government to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, some of the sites say.

    “The events in London are an opportunity for the mujahedeen to make a move in London and attack,” says one prominent entry, adding that continued violence “may weaken the position of (the British) staying in Afghanistan, because the soldiers will be needed in London.”

  2. EROWMER it is too early to say that this is the end of civilization, but civilization is definitely in danger, in my pessimistic moments I say we are in the opening decades of a new Dark Age. In reality we are at a point in time where we can either return to a civilization like we had through most of the 20th Century or we can go into a new Dark Age. It all depends on what happens and what the politicians do over the next few years.

  3. There are still more good people than bad. We just have to show up, stick together
    and keep calm, which is what they’re doing. Good for them.
    (I love to hear the British regional dialects even though I can’t understand much of it. I’m American.)

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