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8 Replies to “The new British spirit”

  1. Labours thirteen year multicultural UK eugenics experiment in all it`s glory.The leftists and their anarchist supporters and friends should be very proud of their bastard offspring!
    Obviously no criticism of the left wing blogs that have encouraged the disaffected nation-less factions to rise up.The criminal left are “never” held to account! And the “Guardian” newspaper trying to manufacture hero status for a local gun carrying drug dealer will be gently ignored!

  2. I tell you what, this crap would never happen in the states. Here decent people are armed and ready to defend themselves. I have several friends with concealed carry permits and I can tell you that these bastards would know better. Even the armed trash here doesn’t dare act like this because they never know who they are screwing with. I feel very sorry for Londoners and all of England. How did you all let this scum get out of hand like this? In the ’70s at least the bored kids formed bands and went to shows and did something crative. This is just pure anarchy with no redeeming value at all.

  3. Morty predicting the future isn’t that difficult I suspect. It’s being able to accept those predictions as possible that is the problem. I doubt Romans listened to anyone who predicted the fall of the empire to barbarians labelling all who observed the loss of the Roman roads to brigands as ‘Casandras’ etc. The BBC documentary which is up here on Vlad somewhere about Enoch paints him as a horrible man who no one agreed with or liked. It was heavily edited including his speech itself to make Powell look bad, and even with all that, today Powell looks like the right horse to have backed.

    How sad is that.

  4. I should like to add, that a proper taxonomic study really needs to be done. For example, the papers and media in general are being extremely careful not to mention that blacks are disproportionately behind much or all of the violence in the current British riots. This of course leads to massively more anxiety about black people for obvious reasons. One knows who does the violence but also knows you aren’t even allowed to say the evidence of your own senses, which makes black people appear not only dangerous but to be a protected class.

    I think it would be of value to deal with a deeper truth. Is it all blacks? Or are Jamaicans over represented while say, Barbadians under represented. Are there lots of Somalis looting and attacking while nearly no Ethiopians are? While race does play a role in behaviour, and anyone who accepts evolution as true simply cannot avoid this fact, culture plays a larger one, even if race and culture are a sort of cart and horse.

    So it would be wise for British popular media like the BBC to maybe have the guts to reflect reality instead of trying to forge one with a palette of rainbow coloured lies. Really, who are the violent and law breaking rioters and who are not? It may be less a race thing that it appears.


  5. IMHO it’s more about crimes of opportunity, and a culture of resentment against most values fueled by political diatribe, (i.e. Marxist class envy) the media, entertainment, the breakdown of family values. Most folks in many ethnic groups go about their daily lives and are victims of violent crime by their own groups. Aside from the large shops and malls I would venture a lot of minority owned small shops were also trashed and looted by these no conscience, marauding vermin. When the civil order is gone everyone suffers.

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