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12 Replies to “Islam. The religion of peace and quiet.”

  1. Real muslim, or ersatz muslim? I think she was of the black muslim variety and looking to score a lawsuit. Those other poor people should apply for PTSD benefits.

  2. Is she constipated?! Well it is a good an explanation as any. She does keep saying the same thing over again and again which my machine translation keeps telling me is “I am horny and I am constipated. Please help.” I know these machine translation things are not always reliable but I am no expert on languages so I rely on the machine translation. In any case it is obvious she is into domination style sex. See how happy she was when the handcuffs went on. It was just a constipated sexual domination fantasy come true.

  3. wtd,

    This looks and sounds like it may have happened in Montreal. Those particular walk-ups are distinctive to the city. I think she got pissed off when the officer asked who put the towel over her face and then proceeded to lift it up a bit. I think she also punched the officer. What a loser.

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