Fjordman: My Afternoon With The Police


The following message just came in from Fjordman, who adds that he intends to keep a low profile in the near future.

I am shocked by the hostile treatment I received at the hands of the police.

Lars Hedegaard heard my story and commented that he had never known of any witness who has been treated in this manner in any Western country, except for totalitarian societies such as the Third Reich.

My lawyer, who is experienced and has seen many tough cases before, did not expect anything like this to happen. He assumed this would be relatively easy, and even suggested that I might get by without a lawyer. I insisted on having one present just in case, which most likely helped a little bit. Things would have been even worse had that not been the case. My lawyer later said that in my case they operated at best at the very fringes of what could be considered legal.

I was never accused of doing anything criminal, obviously because I had nothing to do with the terror attacks and they know this. Yet without the slightest hint of proof of any lawbreaking, I was treated as a murder suspect.

To my total surprise I had to go to my flat, where for several hours half a dozen police officers went through all of my DVDs, searched through my old printed travel photographs from years back, searched through all of my (many) books, checked my kitchen equipment, went through all of my clothes, and confiscated a suitcase that contained nothing more than clothes and some books. They also confiscated several digital devices, including my camera and my laptop. It is quite clear that they wanted information about non-violent Islam-critical networks in Europe that they suspected might be contained in my PC, even though they denied this to me.

Please remember that the police and the Police Security Service (PST) apparently had no clue who I was until I literally knocked on their door of my own free will, even though I knew full well that I would have to give up my anonymity after doing so. I had very little information about Breivik since I have never met him, something which he himself has admitted, yet I still handed over what little information I had. I also answered their questions honestly, even though, technically speaking, I did not have to do so.

If you believe the mass media, the police were still not sure that I really was Fjordman until a couple of hours after I had turned up at the police station. As soon as they understood that this was indeed the case, they rushed through a quick decision to search my flat and confiscate my computer equipment immediately. They must have realized at this point that I had nothing at all to do with the terror attacks.

I personally suspect that this was mainly a political decision.

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  1. Did you have to submit to this search or did you agree to it? Perhaps you should now reflect on your naivety in approaching them and abandoning your anonymity in the first place.

    If you now adopt a lower profile on the Counterjihad scene, it will simply hand an even greater victory to the jihadists and their enablers.

  2. All of Europe is descending into an oligarchy of the bureaucrats, they have no respect for law, rights or people and only want personal power.

  3. Do you believe in Karma? The amount of times you have harped on about Muslims and their danger to “our way of life” and I’m sure you support the illegal and aggressive methods used by the police across Europe when it comes to “suspicious Muslims”. Maybe it’s all coming back on to your own doorstep. You detest Muslims. Now almost every Norwegian will detest you because you were after all Breiviks idol. Anything connected to Breivik people now want to distance themselves from.

    Thousands of Muslims across Europe have been subjected to similar interrogations, some have even been shot in the process despite there not being any evidence to prove that they were involved in any terrorist activity. Many are dumped in Belmarsh prison for no reason at all. Under the British terrorist act a person can be detained indefinitely without any charge. Torture also being a normal part of the interrogation process.
    Some upturned clothes and items in your apartment and they took an old suitcase you were going to through out seems like peanuts in comparison. But hey you shouldn’t complain it’s not like it was some Arabs who did it. It was your own “race”.

  4. They have been told about a terroristnetwork and have to take it seriously, after 22.07. Would you rather live in a country where threats of terrorism was not investigated? If a muslim blew up the Prime Ministers office, named a certain mulla as his hero and said more terror was planned and yet to come, should not the police search the mullas flat? Confiscate his pc?

  5. Lesson for next time is never go to the police. In Amerika lawyer advise people to silence. This is because everything and every word can an will be used against you.
    And will lead to a confiqtion. You lost your naive few that the truth will set you free.
    Furthermore I would like to address rainbow: You are ventilation the possible wrongdoing towards muslim on Fjordman. And second you speak like muslim are discriminate allways, everywhere and also on race. And thirth you say on forhand that the muslims who are in jail are innocent.
    First of all: Fjordman seems like not been locked up. Second you have to know that muslim terror is 80% of all terror deed arround the world. That are facts. Thirth: who brought in the race card? You did. There is nothing mentioned about race in the whole article. You have no real good argument you only feel for muslims, like they are the victims. They are not. They are, as someone else mentioned, the new chosen people for politics. The native people are left out, discriminated and under threath by their government and their policies.

  6. Rainbow are you sure Brevik is one of us. He admired the tactics of the jihad. He killed the Norwegians not Muslims. His work was the work of a Jihadist and a muslim group claimed responsibility after the atrocity. You can spin it any way you want but you are an arab imperialist wanting to impose your foreign ways of converting, conquering, circumcising and cousin marriage on a free people; and you Mr Inbred Arab Imperialist are the one who should be clapping at the killing of the Kuffar that this man achieved. Secretly you are of course and we expect that but we also expect islamic lies, kitman and taquia, from you and that is all part of your victim hood stance used by you in order to impose your arab imperialistic ways on free people who will remain free; and they will do so despite the Breviks and Bin Ladens of the World who murder Kuffar and are clapped on by you Mr Arab Imperialist Inbred.
    However, it is possible that you are Stalinist Extreme Left War Monger like Stalin who made a pact with Hitler a fellow war monger from Germany and a socialist too but a National Socialist. No problem for you to make a war pact with the Arabs and their slaves. You did it with Adolf and his Germans slaves. You had a “right wing”/left wing alliance back in day and now you have changed from German to Arab. You are playing the same game. History repeats itself. Now we have the Internationalist Left and the Right Wing Arab Caliphate in a strong alliance. We a have seen it all before. This time round we are on to you imperialistic racists and this time round you will also be defeated just like you were before.

  7. Seriously. You live in the world’s most prosporous countries, you got called in for questioning, had a lawyer present, was not subjected to violence, torture or mistreatment of any kind, you were released after having finished the interview and are now a free man, who by his own choice goes into hiding. The media has held a microphone to your face for days, this so called “censorship” you claim to have been subjected to can no longer be used as an argument. The world is listening, and we are willing to debate. But you are not interested in debate, just propaganda. It baffles me how you fail to see the democratic system in action. Your name, your writings, are the main inspiration for Breivik, the man who slaughtered so many of our children. How would you want a man with an arab surname in your positipon to be treated by the same system? You really do come across as spoiled, immature and unable to understand the democratic system. Your ideas and certainly how you view your treatment, speaks volumes on the damage your ideology would do to this nation. As the good and decent people of Norway now chant: Fjordman couldn’t take it like a man, he needs to change his name to Fjordboy

  8. I’m slightly surprised by your state of shock Fjordman. There’s hardly been any terrorist attacks on Norwegian soil for such a very long time. And then a person comes along, blows up the government and murders a whole bunch of children in the name of Anti-jihad. How in heaven’s name do you think other countries would treat this lone terrorist’s MAIN SOURCE OF INSPIRATION?

    If you don’t see how the police could find your radical monomaniacal diatribes slightly disturbing and worthy of some special attention in the light of these events I find ample cause to question your sense of reality.

    As you islamophobes have so vociferously demonstrated it’s quite common to assume that where terrorist has been bred once it can be bred again. You would be a prime suspect for future events. Does that shock you? Really? Their interest is hardly unfounded considering your radical, even violent, rhetorics – which is far more radical than anything Breivik wrote in public.

    As for the treatment you’ve been subjected to. Did they hit you? Hold you in isolation? Menace you with threats? Considering that you liken their treatment to nazi Germany I have to assume they did. Show me the marks, or think about your claims.

    You would be a prime suspect indeed, and in many countries you would be arrested and held for quite some time. All you had to go through was a questioning and a search. But I suppose your political capita is better served with this self serving agrandizement and victimization. It’s patethic, quite honestly. People from YOUR side massacred kids. Think of what you would demand if the killer was a muslim.

    When that is said however, I am glad you’ve chosen to work with the police voluntarily, and I’m worried about your security. I think you would be best served by keeping your promise to stay quiet for some time – though a true democracy depends on the fact that even people with your views can be heard. Take some time to think, and when you’re done thinking – you’re welcome back.

  9. There was recently a terror attack in Norway. Of course the police would want to check anything and anybody who MIGHT be involved, or who might have relevant information. To axcept anything else is a bit naive.

  10. Of course the police wants to check things out, but anyone’s opinion can and should never be reason to violate people’s rights. Muslim terrorists are taken in much more easily and can preach what they like. Just this weekend they found out that one such piece of scum had easily come into the Netherlands while he was sentenced to death in Marocco. He was able to live here many years on taxpayer’s money and even taught at the islamic university in Rotterdam.

  11. Fjordman, you have the right to remain silent, if you decide to give up that right, everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney present during questioning. If you cant afford one, one will be appointed to you by the court. Do you understand these rights I have explained to you?

    This is called the Miranda warning, I’m sure you have heard it a thousand times, not directed at you of course, but in just as many detective series on TV. Too bad I haven’t been around for some time now, or else I could have warned you about talking to the Norwegian police. In fact, I would’ve asked you not to, simply because the police are walking on hot coal these days, looking for ghosts in broad daylight. And there you are, accused of inspiring the Public Enemy No. 1 to commit mass murder, what did you expect? A stretch limo and a red carpet? Count yourself lucky they didn’t lock you up and kept you under lock and key for 72 hours or more. Didn’t you know that the Norwegian police has been critized time and again by the Amnesty for excessive use of solitary confinement of prisoners during investigation? Boy, have you underestimated your enemies or what.

    For years it’s been foreseen, predicted, even expected that terrorists would launch an attack on Norway. We’ve been staring us blind at the horizon, waiting for the inevitable Muslim attack, and completely ignored that something sinister could be going on behind the curtain next door. Talk about a chock to the system, while you were buzy hanging up warning posters, “the Muslim’s gonna get you”, some white supremacist lunatic turn the entire country up-side down, killing dozens of innocent children. Could we, or should we have seen this comming? According tho the Norwegian press, not only should we have seen this comming, this lunatic is to be considered as “one of us”. You ventured right into the lions den, Fjordman.

    Either way, the only person responsible for this hideous crime is the one who committed it, Anders Behring Breivik. That doesn’t gonna stop the leftist radicals from using it any which way they can in order to label people like us as «right wing extremists» and «Christian fundamentalists» or both. And more innocent people can expect a visit from the police during the investigation of this case, having their appartments ransacked and themselves brought in for questioning. Not that they expect to find anything, it’s just a display of power in order to silence people like us. And we might as well shut up, as we no longer have a case to present. Anders Behring Breivik made sure of that.

    J Geiger

  12. When any terrorist incident like this horrific massacre occur many in governments tend to overreact, their first move is to ’round up the usual suspects’, least they be accused of doing nothing or incompetence.

  13. Frank, you’ll have no arguement from me on that one, it’s just that nothing even remotely like this has ever happened in Norway before. The shear magnitude of this incident has stunned us all like a 50000 volt tazer to the sternum. This is so overwelming that «they» need more than just one man to blame. As you can see, this is a golden opportunity, not only to round up the usual suspects, but to bring down all political opposition for decades to come.

    J Geiger

  14. Peder: Considering the picture you have painted of the European societies, I am surprised that you are whining about the treatment you got. From your blogs it seems anyone in your position should expect to be subject to much worse.

    After admitting to being the person behind the Fjordman blog, which was the biggest inspiration of the terrorist that massacred our children, it is obvious that Norwegian police should interrogate you. The statement of your lawyer, that the treatment was at the “fringes of what would be considered legal” only confirms that the police was actually doing nothing illegal. Had that been the case, he would have helped you follow that up. You are not in solitary confinement, you have not been beaten or mistreated, you are a free man. You have spoken to Norwegian media by your own choice, and gone into hiding by your own choice.

    So many Norwegians are burying their children, parents, colleagues and loved ones these days. You have experienced the functioning Norwegian democracy. Stop complaining.

  15. All of you who are castigating Fjordman for any reason whatsoever seem to wilfully omit a crucial fact from your thinking, if it can be called that.

    Anders, the guy who actually did this horror in Oslo and beyond, planned, and began training for his slaughter over NINE YEARS AGO. This would be YEARS before Fjordman wrote a single word as Fjordman. Get it? He could not possibly be the inspiration for this act any more than Obama, or Naomi Klein or any of the other people he lists. Well not Obama, no one had heard of Obama either. Naomi maybe, as she has been around longer than nine years. But I still don’t see you guy blaming her and actually you shouldn’t. Very fast to judge Fjordman though.

    Why not have some guts and look at the facts and blame the guy who did it. Or will you be calling for Paul McCartneys blood outside his castle walls in Scotland like the peasants in Frankenstein? After all, he did inspire Charles Manson. Who, by the way, turns out to maybe have been right. Seen the news out of Wisconsin today?

  16. Marit, given that you live in Norway, you must have heard of the «Lund-commission», a left wing entity assembled for the sole pupose of exhonerating left wing radicals of conspiricy to a armed coup d’etat. Don’t you find it a little bit odd that these people, who once was, and still is the fifth collumn in Norway, is first in line to point their fingers at Fjordman and completely overlook the three fingers that point right back at themselves?

    Marit, if this is the fuction of the Norwegian democracy, you should be ashamed of it, not wearing it as a badge of office. Fjordman has done nothing wrong, still he has to go into hiding, due to the «Norwegian democracy». We’ve buried a lot of children in Israel lately as well, killed by people allegedly supported by leftists in Norway. Are you one of those, Marit? Maybe you should go into hiding too, out of shame, as if for no other reason. You make me sick!

    J Geiger

  17. Eyeore, that is complete nonsense. McCartney never spoke about murder or race war – which was Carles Manson’s project. Inspiration in this case is an exceptionally vague term.

    Fjordman and his ilk have spread racist islamophobe poison and predictions of a coming civil war, and conspiracy minded right wing theories completely undisturbed – sometimes bordering on the genocidal. Comparing these two forms of “inspiration” is quite frankly unintelligent.

    When it comes to planning the act and who started what when. First of all we only have Breiviks own testimony to go by when it comes to how long he’s been working on this project. Several other “facts” from the manifesto he (and Fjordman) wrote are clearly lies, and there is no reason we should believe this either.
    Secondly there is no reason we should believe that he hasn’t become increasingly violent over the years. There is reason to believe he was further radicalized by Fjordman’s blog.

    I’m not indicting Fjordman. He has the same right we all have to spread his hate, but not understanding why he was wanted for questioning is naive.

  18. I am not blaming Fjordman, I am not saying he should be silenced. I am saying freedom of speech comes with resposibility, and we are rather disgusted by his reaction to his interview with the police. He fails to take resposibility for his writings, and he fails to see how this country is treating him: Fairly.

  19. Lol, some ignorant people here.

    Islam, muslim, etc. are not a race. There are plenty of “white” muslims in Turkey, the Caucasus, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Bosnia, Nuristan, as well as plenty of “white” converts.

    “Islamophobia” is as legitimate as “Naziphobia” or “Communistophobia”, they are all fear/dislike of certain ideology.

    Oh, and Noam Chomsky and his ideas were cited by Al Qaeda.
    Maybe he should be blamed for their terrorist attacks?

  20. @Jimi Thaule-
    Oh, but we understand perfectly why he was wanted for questioning, and I think Fjordman understand why as well. You see, freedom of expression in Norway is an illusion, and the truth belongs to a political correct elite which is to be found in the left wing party «SV», not to mention in the Norwegian Universities and school system, even in the state administraded church.

    Whether you believe it or not, Fjordman is not the only one metioned in this socalled «manifesto»; compared to Winston Churchill, Fjordman is relatively a Buddhist munk. If Breivik was endeed «inspired» by Fjordman’s writings, who – and what – do you think inspire millions of Muslims world wide to kill Jews and other infidels? Let me tell you, there’s nothing vague in the Qu’ran nor in the Hadith.

    Now, if critisizing a totalitarien ideology disguized as a religion makes people like Fjordman, or me for that matter, an «islamophobe» in your eyes, I suggest you have your eyes examined. And your head too, for good measure.

    @Janne Waage Berset-
    If you are serious about Fjordman should answer to the police for exercising his constitusional right to free speech, I suggest that you find yourself a DeLorean and go 80 miles an hour back to East Germany and report to mr Erich Honecher. He’d be glad to see you.

    J Geiger

  21. I’ve read the manifesto, and I ask of you not to patronize me.

    Fjordman is personally responsible for a great portion of this scathingly racist text with its multiple calls for armed resistance and predictions of civil war in Europe – as well as paranoid bullshit about Eurabia. If you compare this to Winston Churchill you’ve left all rationality behind long ago.

  22. Maybe you have been following the Norwegian debate in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks more closely than me, but I have not seen the people from the Lund commission pointing fingers at Peder.

    It is not common in the Norwegian debate at this point to hold Peder responsible for the terror. Nor did I. I never said that, and I would appreciate it if you did not put words in my nouth like that. All I am saying is that he was not mistreated, and that it is only fair that the police should investigate what he knows about the terrorist and his eventual network or partners. He is, after all, the one person mention the most often in the terrorists so-called manifesto. This, of course does not tie him in any way to the crimes that were committed, but it suggests that he might know something that could help the police in their investigation.

    Peder does not have to go into hiding due to the Norwegian democracy. It is his own choice.

    I never said I support terror against Israelis: That was something you made up, and it is not at all true.

  23. To those who think it is quite natural that the police just barge into Fjordman’s apartment and go through his entire private possessions without any apparent reason; you may think Fjordman is acting as a naive idiot for feeling offended.

    But that is only because you yourself probably live in countries where police state methods are a daily routine and commonly accepted. You just can’t imagine, that there actually are countries where the police not yet all are a bunch of overweight “Nazi-pigs”, where there is not yet a justice system of Old Testament biblical vengeance and eye for an eye policies.

    Don’t blame Fjordman for appearing naive. In Norway there still is some sense of law and justice you know, not violent American police hysteria, and in that context Fjordman’s response is entirely natural.

    But of course also in countries like Norway the corrupt police state methods and the sadism which has been common in police forces and prisons in the US is slowly creeping up as well. Hollywood leads the way.

  24. @Jimi Thaule-

    Seems obvious to me that you’ve read Fjordman the same way as the devil reads the Bible. Which of course tend to generate an attitude. I am sure that Fjordman are prepared to take responsibility for his writings in an open debate, but he does not have to answer to the authorities. If that’s the kind of society you want, were you can run to the nearest police station and have your opponent arrested just because you don’t like the other person’s opinion, I’d say you’re the one who left something behind.


    In short, the «Lund-commision» was a vehicle devised in order to exhonerate a group of marxist fundamentalist who threatens to take over Norway using armed force. It does no longer excist, and if it did, it would go after Fjordman en force. Now they don’t have to, the media does it for them.

    I am glad that you finally come to terms with the fact that there is no such thing as «the Norwegian democracy», the reason why Fjordman have to run for cover is the total lack of democracy. Do I have to remind you of mr William Nygaard, who was gunned down on his own doorstep by a Muslim? Or Theo v. Gogh, or Pim Fortuyn? The list goes on and on.

    The fact that Fjordmans life is hanging by a tread is because he has decribed to the letter what kind of people this world is up against. He’s been warning you for years, and you blame the messenger? What’s the matter with you people? Oh, for the record, I asked you a question, and you translated it into «j’accuse». I rest my case.

    J Geiger

  25. Mountain man (August 6, 2011 at 6:01 am):

    “What a whining and ugly bastard you are, mr nazi Fjordmann.”

    To accuse someone that warns for the dangers of Islam, a political system more akin to Nazism than anything else; for being a Nazi himself – that must at best be regarded as an unusually bad joke!

  26. Rainbow (August 6, 2011 at 1:44 am):

    “The amount of times you have harped on about Muslims and their danger to “our way of life”

    Yes, he have; and rightly so.

    “and I’m sure you support the illegal and aggressive methods used by the police across Europe when it comes to “suspicious Muslims”. ”

    What makes you sure of that?

    Which methods?

    “You detest Muslims.”

    Isn’t that only natural? Everybody does so – or ought to do it.

    “Now almost every Norwegian will detest you because you were after all Breiviks idol.”

    What makes you so sure about that? I don’t think I’ll ever detest Fjordman; he is still one of my idols. Nothing has happened that could change that.

    “Anything connected to Breivik people now want to distance themselves from.”

    Again – what makes you so sure about that? What does “Anything connected to Breivik” include? The Freemasons? The state church? The Progressive Party? The municipality of Rena (where he currently lives)? His native country? His family? The extremely important struggle against the evil movementes of Islam and Multiculturalism/Political Correctness?

    Personly, I don’t (and I don’t think I ever will) detest any of this; with the notable exeption for the state church (which I already really hate).

    Please read this, and maybe you’ll become one of us – the informed and enlightened:

  27. Fjordman does not have to defend his writing, nor should he be asked to do so if reason is to prevail. He has not advocated violence nor has he supported or encouraged terrorist actions. If by taking responsibility for his writing as some have suggested means future censorship, the only reasonable, civilized and educated answer to that is NO.

    Should we now ban Huckleberry Finn because of Brevinik?

    As sick as he is, Breivik as a free man, did what he did entirely of his own volition. An individual’s mind in the end is his/her own. From what I can tell, this tragedy has led good people to reflexively call for unnecessary censorship of which they would not have done before. It has also culled Islamist opportunists to the fore. There will always be the Breiviks, the Hitlers, the bin-Laden’s and the Manson’s operating by their own egocentric agenda which has nothing to do with the rest of us.

  28. Jimi Thaule (August 6, 2011 at 11:08 am):

    “Fjordman and his ilk have spread racist islamophobe poison”

    No, he (or we) haven’t! There are no such thing as “Islamphopia”. A “phobia” refers to an irrational fear. Like agorapgobia; fear of fur. There’s nothing even remotely irrational to fear Islam – possibly the largest and most vicious, tyrannical and dangerous political movement that has ever existed.

    I do not support any kind of Socialist, totalitarian, undemocratic regime, but I would rather support the Communists than Islam, and prefer the Nazis to the Communists, whenever and if I had to make the choice.

    And “racist” – how the hell can hatred towards a political system and/or a religionbe described as racism? Islam is not a race!

    Which “poison”?

    “and predictions of a coming civil war”

    Well, what’s wrong with that?

    Personally, I’ll be utterly surprised if I’m alive 25 years from now and there haven’t been (at least) one (at least) civil war in Europe. Therefore I try to inform and warn about different possible scenarios, and I truly admire others who do the same.

    “An inconvenient truth” is not just the title of a strongly overrated (but less truthful) movie. There are lots of inconvenient truths out there in what we call “the real world”, but these truths are routinely smeared down by quislings and their comrades (useful idiots) – who prefer living in Disneyland or Neverland – as “racism”, “xenophobia”, “homophobia” or – in this case – “conspiracy minded right wing theories” and “paranoid bullshit about Eurabia.” (Strangely you did not mention the One World Government.)

    About 75 years ago, you would probably have laughed over “paranoid bullshit about the Soviet Union or Germany trying to get hold of the whole of Europe”.

    The possibilties for creating atrocities like nuclear weapons, the United Nations and the European Union would similarly be regarded as “conspiracy theories”.

    But unfortunately, you are not the only one; not even in this comment section – look at the comments from “dicky dick” and “Mountain man”. If we are lucky, and that’s a long shot; they’re only trying to be funny.

    There have already been some terrorist attacks in Europe – maybe you haven’t heard about it, but last month one took place in Norway. There have been some economic upheaval, and more is likely to follow. In some areas in Europe the situation seems to be rather chaotic – and we all know (or should know) who is causing the problems: The “non western” immigrants (here included Gypsies, but not East Asians) and their native European do-gooders (traitors).

    Combine those ingredients with increasing resource scarcity, Islamic supremacism, multiculturalism/political correctness and neoliberal (un)economic theories, and the possibility for “unrest” (to put it mildly) approaches 1 (which in some cases, like this, is a large number).

    If you don’t believe me, just take a look at history. I’m only trying to be honest, accurate and realistic.

    I can tell you one thing: Some things, like hate, frustration, desperation and anger; are difficult to measure and quantify. But I don’t think that Anders Breivik was angrier on the 22th of July this year (or any other date) than (e. g.) I am (e. g.) this moment.

    Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

  29. What now Norwegian..?
    what kind of society does we want, should we “water” out the democracy with open eyes. Should we acept that anyone must answer to the police for exercising his/hers constitusional right to free speech.
    This reminds me about norway in 1940-45. In everyday life, Norway’s population was divided into three groups: It was good Norwegians, or “Jøssinger” These were people one knew one could trust. The “stripes” were sitting on the fence, which often does not himself or others knew they would end up on the enemy’s side or not. Then there were the Nazis, who, through membership in the NS passively or actively gave their support to the Nazi ideology and the social and human nature this ideology stood for.
    Otherwise, people living in a surveillance and informer society, where everyone had watched himself well for what one said, what a thought and what one did. A little gossip, a heated discussion, the distribution of an illegal newspaper, a ordrenekt could have unknown consequences for oneself and for others.

    Look up every Norwegian. Maybe tomorrow, the monster Breivik would have everyone were he wont.

  30. I see that the propagandized left is out trying to prove that anyone who disagrees with them is evil and should be shut up because they might incite violence. Well the manifesto was mainly cribbed from the Unabomber, he was a leftist that hated technology and was almost as sick as Breivik, blaming Fjordman for his actions is like blaming teachers for the violence done by their students. You on the left may not agree with Fjordman and those who agree with him but we have the same rights as you, and the Western Civilization one of these is suppose to be innocent until proven guilty. I realize that the left doesn’t want this to be applied to anyone besides the left but you haven’t yet created your neo-feudal society where we are the serfs and you are the Nobles so it does apply to us. Or is suppose to apply to us.

  31. Oblund (August 6, 2011 at 7:17 pm)

    “What now Norwegian..?
    what kind of society does we want, should we “water” out the democracy with open eyes. Should we acept that anyone must answer to the police for exercising his/hers constitusional right to free speech.”

    Well, at least – as I have understood it – Fjordman reported himself to the police. I bet he won’t make that mistake again. Quite frankly, I would never do anything like that. The police is a part of the Goverment; the Goverment is among the enemies of the people. Helping the police does not sound like a good idea. If someone tries to burn you on the bonfire, you don’t hand them a box of matches.

    By all means, be fearful for al Quaida and their likes. But the worst terrorist organisation operating in Norway may just as well be Stortinget.

    I wish death and misery (sorry, I don’t know an English word for “fordervelse”) to all the forces working against the people; among them all the parties represented at the parliament assembly; save for the Progressive Party (Fremskrittspartiet); of which I’m happy to say I’m a sympathiser, voter and member.

    “Then there were the Nazis, who, through membership in the NS passively or actively gave their support to the Nazi ideology and the social and human nature this ideology stood for.”

    Well, at least some people (to a certain degree) supported the Nazis because they were afraid of the Red Scare from USSR. With good reason, too. Look at what happened to Finland. It was occupied by the Russians, and lost a significant portion of it’s territory (Eastern Karelia).

    Others maybe joined the enemies (whether it was the Nazis or the Communissts) to spy on them.

    As I’m a Nationalist (although perhaps unusually extreme), I might have been a NS member myself if I lived before and during the WW2. I sometimes dream of starting a new party with the name “Nasjonal Samling”, because methinks that’s precisely what we need today – a national coalition party.

    I wouldn’t have supported National Socialism, but I think I would’ve preferred it to Communism. When you have to choose between two of more evils, it’s wise to choose the smallest. (Thus supporting a mafia gang working on your side is superior to supporting the police or paying taxes.)

    History would have proved me right. Looking at the death toll of the most important dictators in the 20th century, Stalin “won” with Hitler on a meager 3rd place after Mao.

    I’m deeply worried that history might prove me (and Enoch Powell) right once again, foreseeing Nidelva and other rivers “foaming with much blood”.

  32. Richard (August 6, 2011 at 7:53 pm):

    “blaming Fjordman for his actions is like blaming teachers for the violence done by their students.”

    Not the best comparison, or what? Teachers are widely Leftists, so helding them partly responsible for the moral brekdown in community seems quite reasonable to me.

    They get what they ask and vote for – unruly, unpleasant, unneccesary immigrants, high in testosterone but low in almost anything else; creating havoc in- and outside classroms; in- and outside schools.

    I bet that if a teacher got raped by an “enricher”, she would afterwards say to him: “I hope it was good for you.” Not in a sarcastic tone, mind you!

  33. Interesting! Assuming that Fjordman’s blog/s were an issue for the criminal law- which they most certainly are not- then it was for the police to search him out, not the other way around. It was the outdated, left wing media and the usual nattering classes who took the opportunity to use the Norwegain tragedy to make an issue, where there was no at all. And of course; this was to discredit any opposition to their own political agendas. Then, when Fjordman by his own volition turned up at the police station they were under a duty to investigate him. And in view of the magnitude of the Breiviak ‘s crimes; more so!

    The awful thing about censorship; is not so much about the effects it has on the MSM and the public arena, but the self censorship people practice due to fear. Fear of saying the wrong thing, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, to the wrong people and so on and on. People are not silenced for their ideas but by their ideas.

    Fjordman was not writing fairy tales or fiction for children or minors. Rather; he was writing on matters which are of legitimate concern to the general public. A basic fundemental human right for both writer and reader alike, and without which mankind would have never developed beyond kindergarden at the intellectual and emotional level.

  34. Rudolf Blodstrupmoen you got me, the only excuse I can give is that my back was hurting and I wasn’t thinking clearly.

  35. anon (August 7, 2011 at 3:01 pm):

    “without which mankind would have never developed beyond kindergarden at the intellectual and emotional level.”

    I read somewhere that 80 % of adults in Turkey have never read a book.

    There you have it. Islam breeds Muslims, ignorance, violence and cruelty; but nothing that could be positive anywhere in the observeable universe.

    To further our demise, the EU (Europe’s Untergang) wants Turkey to become an EU member…

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