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12 Replies to “Afghan schools teach hate and Islam in generous amounts”

  1. Stan Grant is an imbecile. He does not know the difference between God and Allah. God is Love, God is the father of Jesus. Allah on the other hand is a moron. A sick mind creature the living on hate and pain. In the old days they called that Satan! CNN has a stupid reporter, if someone can not see the results of stories about Allah and the results of preaching love and forgiveness! Utterly stupid!

    One must never mistake Allah for a God and God for one of the Allah’s. They are opposites!

  2. To think that we Negroes are working in offices and factories and warehouses for this. Our tax Deutschmarks are spent stupidly. Still one day they will stop wasting our tax money. One day they will understand that these people hate infidels. Maybe CNN are getting some of that message. Who knows? Is this a change in world view or Weltanschauung as we Negros have learnt to say here in Lovely Germany. Viva Germany!

  3. You have to at least have some pity on these poor young boys. They will never know the freedom of living in a peaceful country. The Imam will hopefully meet his maker one day and pay for his crime.

  4. I pity any child that has to live in a culture that teaches them to hate other cultures and races, just as I pity the children in the West who must suffer through the indoctrination that passes for education in our modern schools.

  5. @Paula:
    and the first stage is to get religion off its pedestal. While we all still pussyfoot around religions, this god is better than that god, laws must take religious sensitivity into account, etc. there is no hope of improving education.

  6. Given the modern educational system there is massive need to improve education, it is getting so bad that some of the kids think Germany was the good guy in WWII.

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