Toronto has reached that Magic 5% – Synagogue defaced with “Islam will rule”

Blazing Cat fur once again lays out the uncomfortable and inescapable truths that the regular media seem to try and anesthetize us away from. Here is the first bit. Click over for the story please.

Dear Friends,

I am saddened to report to you that our synagogue has been the victim of a pro-Islamic anti-Semitic vandal. Just about an hour ago, we discovered the attached spray-painted message across the southern wall of the Beth Tikvah/Robbins Hebrew Academy building. We have notified the police and they will draw up a report, and I also wanted to immediately notify our membership.

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  1. Islamic immigration is nothing but an excuse to spread the umma, at about 5% they start things like this, at about 15% they start provocations like Paris. When they reach a large enough percentage they will start using force to enforce shira in all of the nation.

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