Teenage girl lured two white 16-year-olds into house where they were raped by Asian gang

See now, Anjem and his crew could really help to clean up crime in England by stopping committing them from time to time. Then he wouldn’t need his sharia police so much.

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Last updated at 8:06 PM on 2nd August 2011

Guilty: Stephanie Knight sobbed as she was found guilty of conspiracy to rapeGuilty: Stephanie Knight sobbed as she was found guilty of conspiracy to rape

A teenage girl who lured two white youngsters out and provided them for sex to three Asian men she referred to as ‘my boys,’ was convicted of conspiracy to rape today.

Stephanie Knight, then 17, invited the two 16-year-old girls for a night out clubbing during which they were plied with vodka and drugs and introduced to the group.

Later the girls were taken by Shahid Hussain, 37, his brother, Amjad Hussain, 34, and their cousin, Tanveer Butt, 39,to a dark and empty house without electricity in Accrington, Lancashire where they were sexually abused.

The three men were said to have taken it in turns to abuse one of the teenagers who was repeatedly raped in different rooms of the house which one of the men used to live in.

Knight, who was to tell police she was Amjad Hussain’s girlfriend, was said to have stopped one of the teenagers from going to her screaming friend’s help as she was raped three times by Shahid Hussain.

Knight was also alleged to have threatened the frightened second girl when she refused to perform sex acts on the men, the hearing was told.

At Burnley Crown Court, Knight, now 18, of Queen Street, Rawtenstall, was found guilty of conspiracy to rape and aiding and abetting rape.

Amjad Hussain of Sharples Street, Accrington was found guilty of conspiracy to rape, rape and assault by penetration whilst Shahid Hussain of Drake Street, Rochdale, was convicted of rape.

Butt, 39, of St Alban’s Street, Rochdale, was found guilty of conspiracy to rape, aiding and abetting rape and rape.

Judge Beveley Lunt told the jury, which took three hours 12 minutes to reach its verdicts: ‘The defendants, I can tell you, are looking at long prison sentences.’ She added they would be on the sex offenders’ register, probably for the rest of their lives.

The Hussain brothers, who both have partners, protested their innocence as they were led away from the dock after being remanded in custody.

Shahid Hussain shouted: ‘I have not done this’ and his brother added: ‘We are innocent.’

Nick Courtney, prosecuting, told the court the girls were provided with alcohol and drugs before they became the victims of a number of sexual offences between December 4 and 7, 2009.

The first girl was allegedly raped orally, vaginally and anally and the second girl was subjected to a sex act and oral rape by Amjad Hussain in a car.

Tanveer Butt, at a previous court appearance, was found guiltyTanveer Butt, at a previous court appearance, was found guilty

Amjad Hussain, at a previous court appearance, added vodka to the girls' drinksAmjad Hussain, at a previous court appearance, added vodka to the girls’ drinks

Shahid Hussain, at a previous court appearance, denied the accusationsShahid Hussain, at a previous court appearance, denied the accusations

Mr Courtney said Knight who had known the girls for about a week invited them out for the evening, on December 5.

During the evening out she was heard to say ‘Got them’ in a mobile phone conversation and named the girls.

At about 10pm, they were picked up by Amjad Hussain, driven from Blackburn to Accrington, and then all got into a large 4×4 vehicle, with Butt at the wheel.

Drink was bought in Accrington and the car was parked at Asda, Burnley and was captured on CCTV.

Stephanie Knight lured the youngsters out to go clubbing, before the teenagers were subjected to a horrific rapeStephanie Knight lured the youngsters out to go clubbing, before the teenagers were subjected to a horrific rape

Amjad Hussain added vodka to some bottles of coca cola before giving them to the girls, who were also given drugs to smoke.

Both girls made the men aware they were 16 but both had a lot to drink. Mr Courtney said: ‘They all had a drink but both girls felt they had a great deal of alcohol to drink.

One recalled she was ‘feeling smashed’ and the other said that on a scale of one to 10 of drunkenness she rated a 10.’ They were then driven to Amjad Hussein’s former home where Shahid Hussain was waiting upstairs.

‘When they went into the house all of the lights were off,’ said Mr Courtney.

‘There was some carpet but no furniture downstairs. It looked empty and Stephanie Knight told them there was no electricity.’

The prosecutor said the first girl went upstairs to use the bathroom. Butt went in, refused to leave and forced her to give him oral sex.

When she came out of the room, the Hussain brothers were on the landing, she was pulled in different directions and dragged into a bedroom by Shahid Hussain, who slid a wardrobe against the door and raped her.

The other girl then argued with Knight as she heard screams from her friend, the court was told.

Amjad Hussain allegedly took the first girl into the attic, gave her another cannabis joint and forced her, whilst she was crying, to perform a sex act. Butt was then also said to have raped her again.

Mr Courtney told the jury the two girls were taken home in the early hours by Amjad Hussain, who had locked the car doors.

On the way, he allegedly orally raped them both and committed a sex act on the second girl, after threatening her with a knife.

The prosecutor said the alleged victims made complaints to the police that day. The first girl was found to be cut and bruised when she was medically examined. The defendants were arrested. None of them accepted they were guilty of the allegations.

Convicted: From left to right, Amjad Hussein, Shahid Hussain and Tanveer Butt Convicted: The trio protested their innocence but were found guilty of their parts in the girls’ horrific ordeal

Amjad Hussain claimed he had consensual sexual encounters with each of them on the night.

After the verdicts Det Sgt Paul Langley, from Lancashire Police said: ‘These two girls thought they were going for a night out and instead were given alcohol and drugs and taken to a strange house where they were subjected to an horrific sexual ordeal at the hands of three much older men.

‘What’s worse is that this abuse was facilitated by someone the victims believed was their friend.

‘While many victims of child sexual exploitation do not see themselves as victims and have acted voluntarily, it is clear in this case that these girls’ actions were neither voluntary nor consenting.

‘Regardless of offenders’ social or ethnic background they are abusing young people and we will continue to target, warn and prosecute them. This behaviour is not just unacceptable, it is criminal.

‘We will continue to work to identify youngsters at risk of exploitation and to prevent them getting caught in a cycle of abuse.’

The four defendants, who denied all the charges, will be sentenced on September 2 at Preston Crown Court.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2021635/Teenager-Stephanie-Knight-lured-girls-16-Asian-rape-gang-house.html#ixzz1Tu9qrjOT


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  1. They could have had relations with prostitutes with little concearn for the potential of arrest, nor have had to wait for the fruition of a week long plan. The actual sex they could have gotten anywhere for much less effort and consequence.

    Terrorizing, beating and raping those poor girls must have given these creatures something they could not get from consensual relations. The domination and humiliation is what these creatures craved.

  2. Truth City,
    Where would the fun in that be for them?these people are the worst sexuall deviants that ever walked the earth! I live in a small Northern town in England called Rotherham.Already we have had numerous cases of muslim grooming,and the rape of our children,and even in one case i know for definite the murder of a young mother.Oh you wont have heard very much,or read about this through the major media because Rotherham is just another thick northern Town where our government knows that they can fill with immigrants ensuring millions of future votes.You see that is just what Rotherham has become now,just another immigrant filling,potential vote enhancing,piece of space for the left wing dictators,Very much like the rest of northern England i might add.Please dont tell me to stand up for my rights,we already did,and we were labelled,right wing,fascist,biggots just like Vlad Tepes,G.O.V,Melanie Phillips,and many more of the people that i know speak the tuth for us all,and will all be silencenced within the next few months.Thanks to the biggest left wing conspiracy known to man,Anders Breivick.

  3. Truthiocity while the sex is important to the rapist the humiliation and pain of the victim is more important, the men thought that by raping the girls they were humiliating all white Britons and were proving how superior they are. Welcome to the 7th Century.

  4. Considering how much this has happened it is possible to hypothesise that there is a strong strain of sadism and sadistic personality disorder in islamic society.

    Anthropologists have shown that in societies where one trait is valued over others, it will eventually be over bred into the population. This causes some cultures to have different kinds of madness. That is to say more people with that trait and more extreme displays of that trait. Some cultures produce more psychopaths and some produce more depressives.

    Sadism is the desire or need to dominate, humiliate and hurt others. It can be required for sexual satisfaction or life in general. In societies that value anger, aggression and domination the over prevelence of sadism would be a natural result.

    Islam poduces sadists.

  5. Bt the way this lovely little ladys facebook account is still up and running if anyone should like to send her a nice message of congratulations for her exemplary work in assisting muslims rights to rape western worlds women.

  6. What the hell has this crime got to do with the thugs being muslim and with Islam?????

    All you forget that muslims are not any colour and there are many white muslims????? Where are muslims taught this sort of behaviour??

    How many cases of rape are there in this country? Who is most likely to do child abuse in this country… white middle class?????

    Don’t fall for the EDL hype. We have issues in our society but they are NOTHING to do with muslims or Islam. The issues involve evil people who could be atheist, christian, jews or muslims. We need to tackle under age sex and sexualisation of children.

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