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7 Replies to “Another Psychiatric expert weighs in on Anders Breivik”

  1. Interesting stuff. According to his manifesto he was a secularist cultural Christian who did not believe in God in a personal and meaningfully Christian way. He was ambivalent about God so on that score we can say he was agnostic at best but he had no profound relationship with God and indeed saw Christianity as being subservient to a secular State, which oversees a country which had for the most part outgrown its historically Christian roots.

  2. The first rule of holes:
    If You Are in One, Stop Digging!

    However, this option closed long ago for Europe’s left-wing elite.
    Some of them are beginning to get a little bit uneasy about the rapid Islamisation of the continent, but they dare not concede that there is a problem with multiculturalism.

    To do so would be to admit that they have allowed an ultimately catastrophic situation to develop on their watch. This would, of course, be electoral suicide.

    So they keep on digging, and with each shovelful the impending Islamageddon becomes ever more inevitable.

    And the hole that they are digging is their grave and ours.

  3. There is a simpler way to understand Brevick. Read about the history of John Brown. He tried to stop slavery with the force of arms in Kansas in the 1850’s and tried to start a slave insurrection in 1859 with his raid on Harpers Ferry, VA.

  4. This guy does look like a redhead. The whitest and brightest are always on hand to guide darker humanity.

  5. Don’t get too excited just because he is a redhead. He might have dyed it. Most top pyschology boffins are brunnettes. We brunnettes can always rely on our superiour detective skills to expose your sun avoiders.

  6. I saw that video about girls passing him by for other lads. It was on RT, the Russian news station.


    Is it really all about that? Is that what flipped his switch?

    If you go back and look at what triggered other spree killers, it can be the smallest thing that makes their brains go wild. Has Breivik really been destined to become a spree killer ever since he was knocked back by a girl in his teenage years?

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