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10 Replies to “Anjem Chaudary’s 1 hour press conference in under 9 minutes.”

  1. This is sedition and treason being perpetrated by these 3rd world throwbacks from hell, Why are they not being incarcerated? They would have been before a firing squad 15 years ago for this before BLIAR changed the treason laws for his own good. Why does the British non muslim majority public chip in a pound each and pay for some independent hit men to pick off each and every one of these imams and superstitious freaks in pyjamas. and finally be rid off them.

  2. Anjem very clearly says that British culture is rotten and that he is going to start selectively enforcing Sharia law instead. What does he mean by enforce? Sharia is normally enforced by whippings and amputations, isn’t it? Anjem’s campaign is one big fat threat against the British People. He is ordering people to obey Sharia under threat of retaliation if they don’t. How the hell can that be legal? Poor people. Forbidden to protect themselves, they can only stand and watch as their country turns into Iran. The government should be freaking over this and nipping it in the bud for all they are worth. Once established, they’ll never be able to un-establish it. They must act decisively – now!

  3. “We Muslims will not tolerate democracy any more!”

    WTF? What are doing here then?

    A guest comes to your home and begins commanding you and telling you that he cannot tolerate how you run your own house and that he will change it whether you like it or not because it belongs to him now.

  4. Oh how I wish some folks from the SAS paid that group a visit…because all of these men speaking in this video intend to do very bad things to you. And me.

  5. All I can think of is “Send in the Clowns”. If these animals have their evil ways, we are all doomed. Hopefully, the EDL will grow and interfere with these maggots’ invasion in our democratic way of life.

  6. Edward they are trying to take over the world, they know that at this time they can’t face us on the battlefield and are trying to do it using the tactics the left has used to damage Western Culture. Their problem is that the left has created both the opportunity for them as well as exposing the weakness of their tactics. Their tactics are the ones that lead to the leftist governments that caused the current world economic crisis.

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