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3 Replies to “Dr. Welner speaks on the motives of the Oslo murderer.”

  1. This guy doesn’t know what he is talking about. Breivik is not insane, he is seeking attention for his cause and is a true believer and its nothing to do with if he ever got laid enough. If this guy had bothered to read the manifesto its clear that Breivik was getting laid when and if he wanted to as were his friends. What he did was a political act of terrorism. He is no more insane than a muslim suicide bomber or even Mandela who was once a terrorist and believed in “armed struggle”. Breivik has some valid complaints and arguments however he indulges in fantasies such as creating the medals and tombstones of fallen justiciar knights. He allowed his legitimate complaints about the state of current western societies to separate himself from reality and hold socialists accountable for all these wrongs and decide they must die. Too much freedom in a lot of cases was a bad thing in his eyes, Freedom of sex, Hip hop, feminism etc.These things he saw had corrupted society since the 1950s. This fantasy order of Knights he has created is no different than how the muslim world indulges in fantasies of 72 virgins and posters of the martyrs. Pass out the candy. He committed these killings to touch off similar attacks, to raise awareness of his cause and kill what he termed traitors to western civlization. He felt that the only way to make the multiculturalists stop what they were doing was to make them personally accountable. The problem with Breivik was that rather than fight these organizations politically within the law ( as he felt like it was futile) he could have thought up a better way to bring attention to his cause eg self immolation, phoning in fake bombing threats etc. Then posted his manifesto. At least many in Norway would have read it after he was caught. Instead he killed a bunch of young people whose political ideals could have been changed in their lives. The Joy Behars of the MSM will write him off as a mad man along with a side order of “right wing ideology/counter jihad that needs to be weakened”. Oddly I think that he may have succeeded in some of this. I think that the elites might actually take notice of his complaints with the feeling that they may have gone too far with the mass immigration thing and that they could be next.

  2. I agree with you, Geraint. Dr Welner’s assessment of Breivik’s motives for his killings is shamefully wrong – it is an unprofessional assessment that takes into account not a single, glaringly obvious, contextual fact.

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