AWOL Pvt. Abdo’s anti-Semitic Da’wa Rants Evident During Training

Here is an article from the Iconoclast about a brutally antisemitic, Islamic piece of work who wanted to set several bombs and shoot all survivors of them at Fort Hood. Again. The camp where this already happened by another Muslim for Islamic reasons. There is a stunning silence in the standard media sources though, on the motives for his attempted crimes and the inspirations for it. Quite unlike the attention certain classical liberals are getting from the press over the monster of Oslo’s manifesto was poured over and selectively reproduced to make all conservatives look as if they had pulled the strings of the Anders Breivik marionette. All the while of course, ignoring Anders praise of Obama and other left wing icons.

From the Iconoclast:


PFC  Nasar Jason Abdo

AWOL 21 year old Pvt. Nasar Jason Abdo was arrested for his purchase of weapons and bomb making materials for an attempted Jihad attack at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. More has been revealed about Abdo’s aggressive proselytizing of his training unit mates and Islamic anti-Semitism directed at af Jewish soldier during training. Abdo should have been discharged by the US Army instead of being granted Conscientious Objector status for not willing to be deployed to fight fellow Muslims in Afghanistan. Clearly, someone screwed up at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, the home of the 101St Airborne-the screaming eagles. This is the latest disaster of the Army’s diversity first program. One wonders how many of the 12,000 serving Muslims harbor similar Jihadi views as Abdo. There have been several other Muslim soldier perpetrating murderous attacks on fellow soldiers in Kuwait and, most spectacularly Maj. Nidal Hasan, about to be tried for his Jihadi massacre at Fort Hood in November, 2009. Was Pvt. Abdo engaging in a sympathetic me too attack for his fellow Muslim in the ummah at his former home town of Killeen, Texas?

More is coming out about this product of an American Christian mother and a Jordanian father. His father Jamal was deported to Jordan after serving a term in a Texas prison for soliciting sex with an undercover agent in a sex-scam posing as a minor. Note this from a MyPet Jawa post:

Jamal Abdo was arrested in 2004, accused of soliciting sex from a Garland detective posing online as Molly, a 15-year-old girl, according to records[…]

Jamal Abdo unsuccessfully appealed his conviction. He was released from a Texas prison in December 2009 and turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. He was deported to Jordan in February 2010. Jamal, a Muslim, lived in Killeen for 25 years, he was divorced from Abdo’s Christian mother.

Speaking from Jordan Jamal said the charges against his son were all lies from A to Z He also said the charges were trumped up because Abdo refused to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.?My son loved people no matter who they are, whether Jews or Christians, ? Jamal Abdo said. ?Naser is not the kind of a person who harbors evil for the other people, he cannot kill anyone and he could not have done any bad thing.?POS just like his son.

This morning, Fox n Friends interviewed a Sgt Michael Payton who served in Abdo’s training company at Fort Benning, Georgia-the Army Infantry School. He said that Abdo was aggressively trying to proselytize his fellow soldiers. Moreover, according to Payton Abdo was engaged in bigoted anti-Semitic rhetoric and harassed a fellow Jewish member of his training unit. Sgt. Payton used the careworn term taqiyya or deception to describe what Pvt. Abdo was engaged in. Sgt. Payton couldn’t understand why Abdo joined the military during as he swore an oath to protect and defend this country and it’s Constitution. Abdo identified himself as a Palestinian Muslim first rather than a US citizen.

Having also been through the Army Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia as an officer back in the early 1960’s, I’m familiar with the training regimen and the objective of achieving unit combat readiness and esprit de corps in  this combat arm – what the military refers to as the Queen of Battle. Sgt. Payton in the Fox n’ Friends interview also referred to the Infantry as the tip of the spear in battle.

Watch this Fox n Friends interview with Sgt. Payton, here.

For the rest of this article please visit the New English Review:

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  1. Political Correctness strikes again, as a wild guess I would say that probably most of the Moslems serving in the US military enlisted to gain military training so they would be better jihadi’s.

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