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10 Replies to “Video of religious Muslims in Egypt: “We are all Osama Bin Laden””

  1. Non-muslims in Egypt face a tsunami of Islamism, poor bastards, just a matter of time before they will be expelled from Egypt. As Egypt goes bankrupt the trend will accelerate.

  2. Events are playing out the way we all thought they would, the Caliphate is reforming and Islam is on the march. They aren’t happening as fast as I thought they would but they are moving in the direction I thought they would.

    The female reporter is stupid for being there, she is asking for the fundamentalists to rape her.

  3. What makes me angriest of all is that little middle-class university student activist with the glasses whining about the Islamists hijacking the revolution, then taking his marbles and going home. If a guy like me, who doesn’t speak a word of Arabic – way over here in Canada – knew that this was going to happen, why didn’t he? Exactly like Iran, the left-wing useful idiots pave the way for the fundamentalist monsters. Is there such a term as, “malicious stupidity”?

  4. -Richard
    Those, I’m afraid to say, will likely prove to be prophetic words on your part. That young guy in the video is doubtless known to the Muslim Brotherhood, and they don’t take kindly to democracy pushers. If he dares to cause them any trouble, he’ll be gone in a New York minute. If he and his young friends actually want to live in freedom they are going to have to throw the dice and fight for it. If they weren’t willing to fight, and they weren’t, then they should have left Mubarak where he was and counted their blessings. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

  5. Chris you are right, the left has pushed the idea of no fighting for anything for so long the fools of the world think all they have to do is march and scream and they will get what they want. This attitude is what is driving the lemming like charge to mass suicide that the west is in, if it was just the leftists that were going to get killed the sane people would breath a sigh of relief. However we are all facing a very hard time in the near future.

  6. Chris one of my favorite SF authors (Larry Niven) calls behavior like that evolution in action, they are insuring that the average intelligence of the human race goes up a fraction of a point.

  7. It will be a tough time for the copts. However, Dallas mad the comment that Egypt will go bankrupt. Very true. Egypt is the world’s largest importer of grain. Even jihadists have to eat. There could be food riots soon.

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