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3 Replies to “Anjem Chaudery makes a mockery of logic itself in this ‘press conference’”

  1. Andy and Izza, you beauts!

    I hereby appoint you Chief Recruiting Sergeants for the Counter Jihad; you bring us gifts beyond our wildest expectations. From you and yours oozes the true, unadulterated reality of that cultural poison that is the Umma, a sixteen centuries deep cesspit of ideological effluent backed up behind the purse string suture that the Imamate has inserted in the rectum of human intellectual progress.

    Congratulations, you are the perfect antidote to ‘Taqiyya’ Warsi – she whom ‘Call me (Dhimmi) Dave’ has appointed to the chairpersonship of the Conservative Party – and to all of the other peddlers of the fantasy that Islam is a ‘Religion of Peace’.

    So, stay with it, please, give it your best, wind up our invertebrate, affluent, middle class multiculti drones until they can no longer ignore what you and yours are about, finally ‘man-up’ and then utilise their survival instincts as evolution intended.

    Oh! and another thing, and please do take this personally: whilst I have long had a warm place in my heart for you retards, I have also long felt in my bones that you and I would eventually meet at a modern replay of Philippi; now, regretfully, old age being what it is, I suspect I will be denied that pleasure because the odds are that your own lot are going to slot you first for prematurely letting the proverbial cat out of their bag.

    And, finally, a question, “Would I be correct in implying that those appendages hanging down between both your legs and those of your acolytes are inversely proportional to size of your beards?”

    Do tell, but be careful now! Bear in mind that your inadequacies in this area are what your gender slaves most often laugh and giggle about amongst themselves in lingerie shops, having failed to catch onto the fact that one of my elderly female friends is a well-travelled multilinguist. She is the widow of a career diplomat and they spent their service in most of the Islamic hell holes from which you or your immediate ancestors hail.

    Hence, the bad news is that you posturing fools haven’t figured out that your slaves know you for what you are and simply can’t wait to get out from under, so to speak.

    The good news is, “Don’t worry about it, we will make them welcome and our first gift to them will be manumission”.

    Best Regards, your fervent admirer, the Seneca III(PBUH)

  2. Fitting, really, that the clown who introduces proceedings says “without further ajew” – Freudian slip or speech defect?!

  3. The numnut lost me right at the begining of his diatribe – thank God I didn’t have to listen to the rest of his garbage – when he said ‘Christian terrorist’. The Oslo killer was no more Christian than I respect Islam.

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