Tommy Robinson on Daybreak

The one thing I don’t understand is, why is everyone scrambling to read what this psychopathic killer has written to offset blame? Why does anyone care what the killer thinks or says? Hasn’t he forfeited his right to be a celebrity by murdering dozens of innocents?

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  1. Wow. Steven Lennon aka Tommy Robinson is getting good at this. He stays focused and on message. He is not letting experienced interviewers trip him up. Of course, it helps when you have the truth on your side. He is very good spokesman for EDL.

    I have been watching Steven Lennon aka Tommy Robinson stand up against a barrage of hate and derision from the media and more for a while now and this is what strikes me. He is a hardworking family man that loves his country. Any sane person should see that this kind of person is the backbone of a successful society, not its downfall. The world has gone crazy.

  2. If I were a liberal politician in Britain I would be worried, this man is very good and is going to be the person setting the agenda in the future.

  3. I agree with everyone so far with what you say about Tommy Robinson (aka Steven Lennon). I’ve watched a good number of interviews and so far the interviewers are no match for his calm open statement of facts and truth about his message and EDL raison d’être. Good on him and I wish him all the best.

  4. The mans a genius,he is making these people look like the fools they really are with their predictable”you are a racist”questions,and i bet he didn’t get list of all the questions he was going to be asked before he went on like our other spineless politicians do?They wouldn’t even be interviewed if they didn’t know exactly what questions they were going to get prior to them going on.So that they then can have as much time as they need to come up with some cock and bull answer .When was the last ime you heard any other poitician answering random questions like Tommy is doing here? You dont,because they are terrified of being put on the spot and asked the type of questions that they spend their whole carreers avoiding! Your a legend Tommy,and i will follow you to the end of the earth need be.N.S.

  5. The guy made Tommy’s point for him. The Daily Mail carries an article about some hate preacher and yet if the EDL bring it up, they’re labelled racist and right-wing. A two-tier system, like Tommy said.

    The interviewer also didn’t touch Tommy having his bank accounts frozen or his being banned from attending group gatherings etc. Why not? That doesn’t happen to the staff at the Daily Mail. Why does it happen to working class people who want to discuss (according to the interviewer) the same things that are in the Mail?

  6. The left (which controls most of the media) refuses to address the very real double standard in the enforcement of laws since they also believe in the idea of special laws for special people rather then believing that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law.

  7. Trev:

    Add to that the interview with Paxman from the night before where Paxman, realizing he is failing to destroy T.R., attempts to end the interview. Then, he suddenly has an idea and tried to hit Tommy from another angle, which also fails. But what bothers me was that he managed to create more time for the interview only when he thought he could ‘get him’ in another way. To me it’s another proof of media-malice towards any alternative or diverse thinking on the issues facing England and the Western world today.

  8. Eeyore,
    Paxman is just another sad example of the pathetic attempt that the BBC uses to churn out,and spread there vile left wing,brainwashed,brain dead,ideology.This idiot could’nt come up with an original non biased question to save his own life .I pity him,and the establishment that he is happy to make his many millions of judas money for his own selfish greed.I despair that the so called normal,logically thinking people of this world cannot see for themselves how obvious this threat is to them and their childrens future.I am a 47 year old man who has had the best years of my life,and in the grand scheme of things,all this wont affect me that much.But i do know it will affect my kids,and i know how much this is going to affect them,my country,and the culture that millions of my ancestors have died to preserve.I believe that my country and the rest of the E.U has now been taken over by some sort of a fith collumn conspracy (bribed for by oil) and fuelled by backhanders to get laws passed that enable their plight.MUSLIMS HAVE THE OIL…..WE NEED THE OIL…..THEY CALL THE SHOTS?

  9. Sorry for the rant guys,I’m not a bad person,i love my fiends and familly,and i am open to any disscusion with anyone.I’m just so worried about my kids future.

  10. Trev you are right, almost every Western government has been taken over by people who are willing to sell out the west for personal power. Things are changing but not very quickly, hang in there and you sill see your Grandkids having a much better life.

  11. Banned THREE of the EDL demonstrations already? TR and his parties views are not the issue here and are totally irrelevant. The real issue is a wee bit more troubling, in that: traditional civil liberties seems to under attack.The right to peaceful protest is both a legitimate and democratic one.

  12. Thanks so much Richard for your kind words and understanding,Like i said before i am not a racist or some sort of bigoted idiot that thinks the world should revolve around my own closeted selfish mind.I have friends who are black,i respect and to be honest i am in awe of other peoples beliefs and their culture.I even think that there is a lot that we could learn from them!But i will not allow me,my children,or the people around me be dictated to by such a vile brainwashing ideology like Islam .Love and respect is my philosophy on life,unfortunately muslims use that very same philosophy to further their quest for world domination.

  13. All individuals have inviolable natural rights – the rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness – fundamental of which is the right to life. Islam and socialism (in all its manifold guises) systematically violate those rights and are therefore in essence evil. It is incumbent upon all rights-respecting individuals to expose Islam and socialism for the evil, life-destroying ideologies that they are and to oppose them vigorously. In these respects Tommy Robinson is doing an admirable job.

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