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Typically I don’t bother with morons. They make comments, and unless those comments are vile and threatening and without basis in anything factual or of no value at all, I let them stand in the interest of freedom of speech, or, to show how the other side thinks and occasionally to show how the worst of ‘our side’ does.

This one I decided to answer, because the rank hypocrisy in this particular threatening comment needs to be pointed out.

First, the comment:

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Dear Sir,

Your article is no different to the anti Jewish propaganda used by the Nazi to isolate Jews, demonise them and then persecute them. Your website is a front to civilised free speech and a veil for Ultra Right Wing Fascists out to exterminate the normal Human Race and should be shut down.

You will be monitored for insighting hatred and murder – rest assured civilised people of the World will not allow another ultra Right Wing Nazi to mass murder people like in Norway, Sebrenica, and Western Europe ever again.

Do not get confused with racist behaviour and free speech to convey civilised opinions there is a clear difference which you are quite aware of so your motive is to insight murder – if there is a link between your Nazi propaganda and the murder of innocents in Norway you will be prosecuted as an accessory to murder – shame on you.

Best Regards

Albert Finney

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Breaking my own rule, ‘Never worry about what illiterate morons think about you’, I have decided to refute this one.

1. No. This blog is nothing like what Nazi propaganda was against Jews. To start with, exposing the factual teachings of Islam, the actions of Muslims in the name of Islam and Islamic history and intentions is a public service. One the mass media has failed to do, because of fascists who have applied political correctness to the point that if a fact is not in keeping with the narrative as dictated by the PC left, then they will make sure that media person or organization hurts for having spoken it. Ask Ezra Levant or Lowell Green but they are merely two examples of thousands. The Nazi propaganda on Jews however, was fiction. I know to a relativist the difference between what is true and what is not is insignificant. But to us old-schoolers, something being true is very important.

Furthermore, the Nazi propaganda was specifically attempting to create a climate of hatred towards Jews in order to justify their mass slaughter. If hatred results in the hearts of readers of this site, it is because of reading or watching events that in fact took place at the instance of Islamic groups. Events like turning school cafeterias into mosques while no other religion is allowed to practice within those schools by law. Therefore, fault needs to be found where it originates. In Muslim groups and more importantly, in administrators and leftist enablers who are changing Canada’s values to suit Muslims without the knowledge or consent of the Canadian people.

2. If you read the agendas and views of this site, the whole reason-de-etre of this blog is to prevent the rise of what people like the author of this comment think of as ‘the far right’ although in reality the Nazis and communists are far left. The ideology that does as much killing as Nazism and Communism which is right wing or conservative, would be Islam. Their bare-foot-and-pregnant approach to women for example, or homosexuals, harken to the attitudes of the conservative right in the US in the 1950s and so might be said to be conservative. The attitude of this blog, of individual liberty and a secular democracy would be thought of as positively commie within the narrative of US 1950s Sunday morning TV. And what exactly is the ‘normal human race’? Does that mean you and your friends while I, as you imagine me, and my friends should indeed be killed? It sure seems so based on your next comments.

3. I think you need to learn a few definitions before you fling the terms around. Civilization, what does it actually mean to be civilized? Does it mean that you get to monitor me and make sure I never say anything you don’t like or you will do something to me to make sure? That is the implication here. Also look up Nazi. Your threat to me is infinitely more Nazi than anything you will find that I have published on this site as my attitudes although granted, I have published much Islamic stuff that could be confused with Nazism quite easily. But that was to expose it, not to promote it. Nazis liked to threaten and stifle any speech they did not agree with. Oh they had ‘good reasons’ just like you do. So they also wouldn’t have said it was an affront to freedom of speech because they, like you, still had it. So what’s the problem right?

As for Norway, you seem to be the last man standing not to understand that the monster who did this act, was a narcissistic psychopath who wanted to get back at his father, just like so many psychotic mass murderers do, and his reasons for doing it, are just another way of spreading more pain. The fact that you buy into his reasons makes you another victim of his. And not a very bright one at that. However if you do  buy the reasoning that somehow I and friends of mine actually incited this maniac to kill, then you should monitor Paul McCartney as his song Helter Skelter was the stated cause of Charles Manson’s slaughterfest. Then go to libraries and remove all the books by James Joyce as those were the influence for the man who shot John Lennon. The list of misinterpreted nut bags is long. But wait, what about the Koran and various mosques around the world that actually DO state that proponents and believers of Islam should indeed slaughter the unbeliever all over the world until all religion is for allah? That doesn’t count right? Only psychotic killers made up reasons for influence which was never stated, never implied and never desired, those are the people you wish to monitor and censor.

Sad, angry little hypocrite.

Eeyore for Vlad.

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  1. Whoa…I’d say you put that hypocrite in his place, but the question remains, is he actually smart enough to get that?

  2. Albert, i think it is time for you to blame Noam Chomsky for 9/11 and other terrorist acts, since his ideas were cited by Al Qaeda.

  3. “Ultra Right Wing fascists”. That’s a good one :)). Just simple “fascists” will do Albert. Have you looked lately in the mirror?

  4. “Civilised people of the World will not allow another ultra Right Wing Nazi to mass murder people like in Norway, Sebrenica, and Western Europe ever again.”

    Interesting choice of countries. I could not help but notice that this propogandist said absolutely nothing about Sudan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand or Somalia. He endorses the murders being commited in those countries. That’s not hyperbole.

    Indeed, the entire purpose of his and similar commenters is to directly facilitate the murders being commited daily.

    Remember when you read such comments from trolls. They are actively attempting to facilitate murder, rape and GENOCIDE by inhibiting those who speak against it. Let that perspective guide your reaction.

  5. Breivik absolutely wanted to revenge himself upon his father. His target of hatred was the ruling party. He intended to kill the Prime Minister, the symbolic father figure of the country.

    Note that reports say he lived with his mother. No father is mentioned. Freud would say that he had unresolved Oedipal issues. Either because his father left the family before the normal resolution of oedipal issues, or because Breivik’s abnormal psychology prevented the normal resolution of those issues.

    If the ruling party was conservative he would have claimed to be a radical left winger and have searched for quotations in Libral, Marxist and Anarchist literature to enforce and justify his resentments.

    As to what video games he would play as a leftist? Perhaps he would have played The Sims as it allows you to control every aspect of peoples lives (because you know better).

  6. What strikes me is the way he chooses a comment thread that hasn’t been active for around a year to post his comment to, it looks like he wants to make himself look brave by confronting what he considers the enemy but is afraid to do it on a comment thread that is active.

  7. ” your motive is to insight murder”

    Well, that’s quite an insight.

    Sounds like the Muzz to me.

    This is quite a gem also:

    ” Your website is a front to civilised free speech and a veil for Ultra Right Wing Fascists out to exterminate the normal Human Race and should be shut down.”

    Remember: only muslims are human, unbelievers are the ‘vilest of creatures’ and sons of apes and swine.

    “civilised free speech ” means no criticism of Islam.

    Yes. Its a Muzz.

  8. @jjk999:

    Your insights are quite apt, and I’d like to add to that. I was a little surprised that Breivik’s father expressed a wish that his son would have taken his own life. Most parents of criminals still have a tenuous connection to their offspring, whatever the crime. They usually realize that the child’s act is a reflection on them as parents. Not this guy’s dad.

    Breivik’s father definitely wishes that his son had never existed, especially as the son now puts a cramp on his present lifestyle as a social democratic Norwegian diplomat living the elite life in France with a new wife. If we see Breivik as a narcissist, we also can see where he got his model.

    On another note: we have no proof yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Breivik once attended a Norwegian Labour Party youth camp in his youth, perhaps the very one he shot up. If his father was a diplomat in the party, he surely could have gotten Breivik included as “a future political leader” of the party.

    I only wonder if that would ever be revealed if it were true.

  9. Very well done and I am re-posting with full credits to you, of course. You have answered this troll and islamosympathizer by completely tearing down his house and carting it off for him.

    Mr. Finney rants here: “You will be monitored for insighting hatred and murder – rest assured civilised people of the World will not allow another ultra Right Wing Nazi to mass murder people like in Norway, Sebrenica, and Western Europe ever again.”

    Too bad, Mr. Finnery it is the likes of Vlad Tepes, Gates of Vienna, Tundra Tabloids, Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs, BNI, Weasel Zippers, TROP and my site that are the watch dogs, the canaries in the coal mine, the watchers manning the watchtowers of Jerusalem in calling out islam and sharia law for what it REALLY is.

    Mr Finney, I suggest YOU read the qur’an, ahadith for yourself and then come tell us how harmless the writings of the pervert and pedophile mohammad are? It is the likes of you that has eased islam’s way but trumpeting your drivel smeared with tones of political correctness, excessive diversity and multiculturalism gone wild. I have read three different translations of the qur’an, all from the ancient authors in the muslim world. There is nothing peaceful in the qur’an or islam. You want to muzzle those who who disagree with and then accuse us of being nazi’s? I know quite a few counterjihadists who are JEWISH and can see and smell the stink of death and persuction between nazism and islam.

    Very well done Eeyore!!

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