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4 Replies to “Danish condolences to Norway”

  1. It’s Your friend Fjordman, who did it, so You are mourning for Your fellow Norwegian Nazis, who lost their comrade???

  2. The Muslims and dhimmis will use this tragedy to attempt to shut down all criticism of Islam by equating the Orwellian thoughtcrime of ‘Islamophobia’ with active support for ‘right-wing’ terrorism.

    So while the subject of Islamic terrorism will remain deliberately muddied by leftwing moral equvalence for some time to come, we counterjihadists need to increase our emphasis on all the the other evil and destructive effects of Islam on our cultures, as described in this comprehensive list of resources.

  3. K:

    Fjordman must be Padre Pio then as he can bilocate. He is online with me now while simultaneously in jail.

    Due process, western civilized rule of law was created to protect people from ignorant hate filled idiots like you ‘K’ who accuse people they don’t like of heinous crimes with no evidence and even evidence to the contrary merely because you do not share their opinions. You are a barbarian sir or ma’am.

  4. I agree with you Eeyore and Trencherbone. This tragedy should not be used by any islamic barbarian or pro-islamic barbarian to shut down any valid criticism of islamics or to accuse any innocent people who have nothing to do with this tragedy.

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